Full Fight | Josh Hill vs. Jared Scoggins | B272

Michael Mcdonald Makes His WEC Debut

Let’s showcase Michael Mcdonald’s WEC debut. McDonald is a nineteen year old fighter busted into the WEC Thursday and pulled off a win with an arm lock. He is on his way to stardom and hopefully we continue to get more submission wins from him.

Colorado MMA Fighters – Duane Ludwig

For years now Duane “Bang” Ludwig has proven himself to be a top fighter in both Muay Thai kickboxing and MMA. Here is a look at 10 things you might not know about Duane Ludwig as we await word on his next opponent.

Brazilian Fightwear For The Savvy Fighter

This article talks about the different range of clothes that a person can wear during Brazilian jiu jitsu. And it recommends that a person uses the uniform which gives them comfort while playing.

Karate Chopping A Board – Is This A Real Method, Or Is It Just For Show?

We have all seen it as kids watching the television, some guy doing a ‘Karate’ chop on a pile of bricks or big wooden board. Is this a real method that they teach you, or just bravado? Well some martial arts styles such as Tae Kwon Do and also some forms of Karate, require brick and wooden board breaking.

The TUF 12 Finale

We will glance at the Ultimate Fighter 12 finale and breakdown some of the submission wins. We will assess some of the finishes used at the event. We will take a look at the new “Pace” choke and some other terrible judging at the event

What Do Martial Arts Mean? Discover How Martial Arts Started As A Form Of Self-Defence

The martial arts are not just some combat methods that are taught with a combat strategy, they are not just for self-defence either. They are much more than just a way to beat of a mugger in a dark alley at night; the arts are a collection of systems that promote physical, spiritual and psychological values for everyday life. So what do martial arts mean to us now in this modern age?

Studying Martial Arts As A Beginner – What Are The Benefits For Trying Out Martial Arts?

Martial arts are a very popular way to keep fit and learn self-defence. But is that it? What if I am already fit, how is it going to help me?

Martial Arts Animals And Chi – What Is It With All The Dragons And Tigers With Hidden Energies?

If you have been interested inย the arts or just started your training, then you may have thought to yourself why all the different l arts students are fixated on dragons and bears. Why a lot of the schools are called either ‘Fist Of Dragonfire’ or ‘The White Tiger Something Or Other’. This attraction for wild exotic animals comes from the ancient Chinese martial arts.

Wudang Sword Tai Yi Daoist Form With Zhou, Xuan-Yun

I have watched a couple of Daoist monk Zhou, Xuan-Yun’s DVDs now, and he is an extremely accomplished martial artist. Watching him move is a pleasure, and it is obvious that he has spent many years training. In this DVD, “Wudang Sword: Tai Yi Daoist Form,” the Wudang Tai Yi Daoist sword sequence is presented.

Martial Arts Schools – How To Choose The Right School And Instructor

When you embark upon your marital arts career, the right school and instructor are critical to your success. This is not only for reasons of safety and cost but because a lot of students give up on martial arts early on which is unnecessary. The reason is that they choose the wrong school at the beginning of this exciting adventure, if taught badly it can rob you of your initial enthusiasm.

The Physiology Demands of Silat Olahraga

Silat olahraga is a famous silat sport in Malaysia. The high intensity of the fight requires silat exponents to stay fit in silat match. It is important to understand that a proper martial art training system can help exponent to win a silat match.

Getting Everything You Can Out of Mixed Martial Arts Training

Becoming a good mixed martial arts fighter is not an easy thing to do which is part of the appeal of the sport. Succeeding at MMA requires determination, consistent training, and good physical health.

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