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The Best Exercises for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

If you take your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training seriously, you are taking the appropriate steps in terms of nutrition and exercise to give yourself the best opportunity for success. But is your warm-up and exercise routine really what you should be doing? Here’s some ideas for Jiu Jitsu-specific exercises to take your BJJ game where you want it.

Importance Of MMA Fight Gear

MMA, or mixed martial arts, is a very physical sport, so it’s very essential that one should very early realize the importance of MMA fight gear when participating in the same. The cool and trendy nature of MMA gear is what appeals to most of its purchasers, however, the extreme nature of the sport requires the players to wear the heavy duty gear. I would like to inform you that MMA is a rough sport with lots of grappling and striking needed thus wearing the right gear is a must for the sport. MMA would come under the full contact sport category as it involves many striking and grappling maneuvers and it’s a prerequisite by the candidate to wear protective accessories while playing the game.

Rolling – A Jiu Jitsu Sparring Class

Jiu Jitsu sparring classes consist of back to back rounds of sparring, widely known as “rolling”, with fresh opponents every round. In my experience rounds are normally 5 or 7 minutes long though I assume this varies from gym to gym. In these classes you will quickly understand the effectiveness of Jiu Jitsu and how little you know about submission grappling.

Keep Your Child on the Right Track With MMA as an After School Activity

Did you know that recent reports show that between eight and fourteen million kids are left unsupervised?The most crucial time for your child is after school hours. In saying that,studies show that 29 percent of negative activity around the hours of 3pm to 6pm occur from juveniles. The time your child has after school plays an important part in your child’s life in the long run, and getting them involved in after school activity, such as mixed martial arts, is very beneficial in areas of their childhood on up to adulthood.

Safety in Taekwondo Kicks

When using taekwondo kicks, in order to prevent injury, it’s important to maintain proper orientation while performing them. Most of the kicks in taekwondo use a straight line of attack, all the force of the blow travels and is directed in a straight line, which is why if done incorrectly they can damage the joints. The two most well-known taekwondo kicks, the roundhouse kick and the sidekick, both use the hip to generate their explosive energy.

Does Tai Chi Have Belts Or A Belt Rank System?

Many martial arts practices have a standardized belt ranking system. Some tai chi schools use belt levels and others do not. Let’s take a look at why this is.

Three Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mistakes I Make: Straight Ankle Lock

As I’m learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I find myself making a lot of mistakes. In recent classes, I was taught how to apply a straight ankle lock. By sharing what I’m doing wrong, I hope to help everyone do the straight ankle lock correctly.

Learn The Art of BJJ and Haganah

Learning Modern Self Defense In 2012. Studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and F.I.G.H.T for concrete world applications.

Your Martial Art Doesn’t Work The Hells Angel Said

I had studied Chinese Kenpo Karate. I was an instructor, and I had written the training manual for my school. Then I ran into a Hells Angel.

The Secrets of Scientific Street Fighting

Knowing the science behind street fighting is like peeking behind the curtain into a world that few people ever see. Simply knowing the basics of how you body reacts to a fight and what moves work and don’t work will dramatically increase your odds of winning any self defense situation.

Want to Learn to Defend Yourself?

In this post, I will show you the general steps required for you to start your journey, and learn how to Muay Thai. Before we start, please note that there is no “magic pill” here. Like any other sport, you need to have the determination and willpower necessary to keep on consistently training, otherwise you are just wasting time.

MMA Fighters – The Ultimate Athletes

Being a professional athlete demonstrates how individuals who put the functionalities of their bodies into good use would result into. There are more attributes that an athlete should possess beyond strength, speed and stamina. Aside from those three mentioned, an elite athlete must have superior conditioning through power, quickness, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, agility, balance, coordination and flexibility.

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