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How Combat Tai Chi Uses Traditional Chinese Medicine Part II: Pressure Points in Combat and Dim Mak

Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine have a long history together. Combat Tai Chi applies Traditional Chinese Medicine to the martial arts. In addition to their damaging effects,Tai Chi pressure point strikes are designed for strategic use in hand-to-hand combat situations.

How Combat Tai Chi Uses Traditional Chinese Medicine Part I: Meridians and Pressure Points

Chinese civilization has studied both medicine and the martial arts for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. It would be surprising if a blending of these traditions had not taken place. Behind the graceful movements of Tai Chi practice lies a combat art that is as sophisticated as it is deadly.

How To Learn Kung Fu Online

Kung Fu is one of the more unusual and interesting Martial Arts that you are able to learn and you will find a large amount of styles and information available to you if you decide to learn Kung Fu online. The days of secrecy are long gone and the information age has brought all this esoteric knowledge to our doorsteps.

Are There Advantages To Teaching Yourself Martial Arts At Home?

In actual fact there are many advantages to teaching yourself Martial Arts at home and most of these are highly personal. To make things even easier for you, almost every Fighting Art that is currently known to man has been documented for instruction on DVD or is available online. So let’s look at some of the advantages of learning Martial Arts at home:

How You Can Make Your Martial Arts More Street Effective

We all learn martial arts to be safe in the real world, but not every MA is designed to be effective in the street. Many claim to be, but most are ill-equipped for the job. If you think that your MA fits these criteria, then think of how it trains you to deal with the first and most crucial move in a fight.

Learn Martial Arts At Home Following These Four Vital Steps

Learning a Martial Art (MA) at home is not a difficult task if you are patient, know what you want and make the proper preparations. This can be done in 4 simple yet vital steps. Set a goal – You must know what you want and be prepared to get it.

How To Overcome Your Greatest Obstacle When You Are Teaching Yourself Martial Arts At Home

When you are teaching yourself Martial Arts at home, your greatest obstacle will be to know whether or not you are learning your techniques correctly. It is easy to assume that a specific technique must be done in a certain way and look a specific way for it to be correct. But this is never the reality as each of us is different, with different body dimensions and we each move in our own very unique way.

How To Learn Tai Chi Online

Tai Chi Chuan is one of the more interesting styles of the Martial Arts with many physical and mental benefits. This is a great Martial Art to learn to restore your health and develop your Chi, to recover from illness or injury, to train combat attributes as well as it being a meditative and relaxing practice. Every person will have their own individual reason for learning it, but we don’t all have an instructor in our vicinity and learning Tai Chi online then becomes a definite option.

Why the Aerobic System Is Important in MMA

In today’s day and age, it is a common theme to bash aerobic development for the development of the anaerobic systems in the MMA world. I believe this is a huge mistake. There are many reasons for why I believe that this is mistake such as…

Jiu-Jitsu Gis Part 1 of 2

This Jiu-Jitsu Guide provides everything you need to know about BJJ Kimonos. Topics include taking care of your kimonos and frequent asked questions questions including the need for multiple gis.

How to Prepare Mentally for Your First MMA Fight

Preparing mentally for your first MMA fight is just as important as physically preparing for your first MMA fight. There is a lot of pressure, stress, and anxiety that comes along with performing in front of an audience let alone worrying about the fact there is going to be someone across the cage from you that is trying to knock your head off. This article will cover how to get over these fears and doubts so you can perform to the best of your potential.

Martial Arts for Kids – The Best Way to Develop Your Child’s Character

Contrary to popular notion that enrolling your children to martial arts will promote violence is a misconception. Unlike what you see in typical movies about a kid being bullied in school and after having been trained in martial arts he was able to avenge himself by beating the crap out of the bullies, this is not really typically encouraged in martial arts school.

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