Full Fight | Gaston Bolanos vs. Rick Gutierrez | Bellator 189

Nutritional Regimen For MMA Training

Needless to say, proper fitness and nutrition are very important in mixed martial arts athletes as they have to face more physical challenges than other traditional and non-traditional contact sports. This makes following of proper fitness and nutrition regimes all the more important to them.

Bruce Lee Is NOT the “Father of MMA”

Is Bruce Lee the “Father of MMA” as president of the UFC Dana White has suggested? This article disagrees with this statement and gives compelling reasons to the contrary.

Why Most Martial Artists and Self-Defense Students Can’t Defend Themselves!

One of the biggest problems with not just martial artists and self defense students – as well as practically everyone else today – is that they gauge real self-defense ability, with the wrong things. If you want to be a survivor, you need to know why most martial arts and self-defense programs are WRONG!

Mixed Martial Arts: An Introduction to MMA

The popularity of mixed martial arts contests like the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has soared exponentially over the last decade. However, some may still wonder just exactly what mixed martial arts is.

Cut the Crap! The Truth About Real Ninjutsu Techniques

Ever since the late 1970’s and into the early eighties, when the West got its first taste of ninjutsu techniques, and the art of ninjutsu – there have been imposters, wanna-bees, and frauds stepping up to teach unsuspecting but serious students the way of the Ninja. And what a bunch of crap it’s been! Read this article if you want to learn the truth about real ninja training, and how you can make sure you’re getting the real thing!

The Leopard Of Kung Fu Returns – The Secrets Of Passai Kata

Is the advanced Passai Kata of Karate based on the Shaolin Leopard? There is interesting evidence to support this.

Pegging Your Stance Is One Of The Secrets Of Classical Karate Forms

This is a little talked about, but very useful method, for getting internal energy into your form. Techniques of the forms in which it is found is listed sequentially.

So You Want to Be a ‘Sponsored’ Pro Fighter?

You will need to ensure you have the ‘RIGHT TYPE of PUBLICITY’ in your corner! Tips for what Promoters are looking for and how to leverage that into sponsorship.

4 Reasons Anyone Can Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most dynamic and effective martial arts currently being practiced. It is this very nature that attracts many people to watch events related to this sport and its spectacular athletes.

BJJ Training – Time Is Money, Time Is Skill

First, We’ll Talk Money My father was an entrepreneur, and I think it was around six when I first heard the term “Time is Money.” Not sure if I understood it then, but by about 13 I got the picture, and now at 23 its a mantra for me. In the business world there HAS to be a sense of urgency in order to survive. People get “serious” when it comes to commerce, because when people fail, people’s livelihoods are seriously at stake. How many books are there on business success? Tapes? Speakers? Seminars? Lots. And people pay money for this stuff. Many take the content seriously and act immediately because their aspirations in life hinge on their success in their industry – which in turn hinges on their development of skills and willingness to take actions…

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – 4 Tournaments to Keep Your Eye On

While the point of Brazilian jiu jitsu is not necessarily to compete it can be fun and exciting to keep track of the best competitors competing in the best competitions. There are dozens if not hundreds of tournaments currently taking place around the world.

Film Analysis for Performance Analysis in Martial Arts

Analyzing film is a funny thing in a dynamic sport environment… In a more controlled kind of sport like pole vaulting or javelin (where elements essentially remain the same through each trial), it is possible to watch film and very specifically analyze mistakes and set performance goals. In javelin for instance, there is a “best” form that will work in all throwing situations – an ideal method to responding to the situation… because the situation doesn’t change. You start from a certain number of meters away from the line, you’re holding a spear, and you have the chuck the thing super far. This is the case 100% of the time…

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