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Headbutts Can Be Devastating for Self-Defense

Unless you are a soccer player or fan, or train in a martial art or self-defense style that teaches headbutting techniques, you are probably unaware of their effectiveness for self-defense and street combat. The bone of the forehead is one of the strongest bones in the human body, and it can be used devastatingly against an opponent. Often, when in close range, or as some call it, in-fighting range, the person in front of you will be very vulnerable to a crushing headbutt. And while we never count on anything being one hundred percent, it is a technique that has the capability to end an altercation. And end it decisively.

Wushu Mixed Martial Arts

Wushu martial arts, also known as kung Fu, is one of the common demonstrations of Chinese culture. Yes, Kung Fu and Wushu are one and the same. In China, it is popularly called as Wushu while Chinese Kung Fu was popularized by Jet Li and Jackie Chan in their movies.

How to Add a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program to Your Martial Arts Studio

While adding a program at your martial arts studio is always in the back of your mind, it is not something that you take lightly. A lot of time and money goes into marketing, recruiting, training and observing instructor(s), adjusting your schedules, and testing students’ response. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is “all the rage” right now. Why not consider an add-on BJJ program? Here is a no-risk approach to testing the waters.

Grow Your Martial Arts Studio With an Add-On Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program

Do you run a martial arts studio? If so, you know that the competition out there is fierce, and your competitors are always looking at ways to improve their programs and increase revenues. Have you been doing the same?

Bruce Lee’s Hidden Secrets – How to Become the Ultimate Street Fighter

How did Bruce Lee become the world’s greatest martial artist? What training methods did he use and what was the foundation of his legendary speed and fighting skill? In this article I explore these issues and how Lee’s style has influenced modern street self defence styles.

Are You One of the Ten Martial Artists Who Will Free the Planet From War?

Martial arts are one of the four paths to enlightenment. This article lists the four paths, and points to how the martial arts have ceased to fulfill their promise.

How to Prep for Your First MMA Fight

If you’ve been training for MMA for some time, and you’ve finally booked your first MMA fight, then congratulations! You’ve accomplished more than most around you. But now you need to change your game up completely. Before you were building your foundation for techniques and conditioning.

Mixed Martial Arts Today

Mixed martial arts, called MMA, is a full contact combat sport. It is sometimes known as cage fighting or ultimate fighting. It has grown out of a number of different combat sports, most of them dating back hundreds, if not thousands of years.

What Are the Katas in Shotokan Karate?

If you have ever walked by a karate dojo and peered inside, you will often see the students drilling at kicks and punches, standing in rows as they work their way through ten, twenty or more repetitions of their attacks and blocks. Sometimes you will seem them sparring with each other, and then sometimes you might spot them making their way through a solitary dance of blows, everybody else watching as they trace invisible lines and attack and block invisible opponents. This silent dance is called a kata, and in today’s article we will examine what they are and why people practice them in order to improve their art.

The Principles Behind Shotokan Karate

There are seemingly hundreds of martial arts out there. For somebody who wishes to begin their practice in one of them, it may be bewildering to try and choose a discipline for themselves. The best way to choose wisely is to learn about as many different varieties as are available to them, and then to pick the one most suited to your taste. In today’s article I will discuss the basics of shotokan karate, and help you decide if this martial art is for you.

The Practice of Kumite in Shotokan Karate

Today everybody seems to only be interested in Mixed Martial Arts combat. These battles where anything goes and opponents are left broken and bleeding on the mat are barbaric and hearken to the Roman gladiator fights, and while their spectacle and drama command much of today’s public attention, the classic form of kumite as practiced by martial art practitioners holds much value and perhaps even more skill. In today’s article I am going to look at the principles behind traditional kumite practices, and seek to explain why it is a vital form of any true martial art practice.

The Differences Between Karate, Jiu-Jutsu and Aikido

There is a universe of martial arts out there to practice, from the most ancient to the latest interpretations and combinations. Whether it’s Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do or the latest Brazilian spin on Jiu-Jutsu, the fact remains that many of the older martial art styles are being ignored in favor of the latest fads. But say that you wished to examine these older styles, that you wished to try something with a distinguished history and practice ancient martial art? How would you go about telling the difference between them? In today’s articles we will look at the basics of Karate, Jiu-Jutso and Aikido, and help you tell them apart.

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