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Neutronic Breathing Methods to Create Kung Fu Chi Power

A somewhat unique approach to building kung fu chi power through mechanized breathing methods. Is is a bit Tai Chi-ish, but that is okay. Chi power is going to start to build fast!

Fight or Flight (Coping With the Chemicals)

You may have heard the term “fight or flight” and you will have undoubtedly experienced it many times over your life. The question is: What is it?

Steps Toward Martial Arts Mastery With These Simple Tools

Simple steps that you can easily employ right now to improve your practice and discipline. Keeping up momentum and training can be difficult. These tools will help you to be accountable to yourself and set training objectives. And these ideas will take away excuses which all to often are a road block to our practice and success.

Are MMA Fighters Too Prone To Injury?

With the spotlight so heavily on the sport of mixed martial arts, people are quickly noticing that the sport can carry a high percentage of injuries that can cripple an entire promotion’s event. So the question is starting to come up, why are these fighters so prone to injury?

Wing Chun Fact File

Wing Chun was first really brought to the attention of the western world by martial artist Bruce Lee. Lee went on to form his own system of Jeet Kun Do with a foundation based on Wing Chun.

Martial Arts As a Hobby

Even those who started out doing a martial arts purely for fun will often find that the challenge of continuous self-improvement to be exciting and stimulating. The martial arts provide a life-long challenge, as there is always room for improvement.

10 Reasons You Should Take Up a Martial Art

Through the regular practise of certain styles of martial arts, you will quickly notice your flexibility improving. You will also find that you are becoming stronger and more powerful without even really trying.

Top Tips for Learning a Martial Art

It may seem obvious but the only way to get good at something is through practise. Attend classes as regularly as possible and if you have any doubts or questions about positions or movements ask them all.

An Introduction to Jeet Kun Do

Jeet Kun Do teaches that interception is the best form of defence and therefore much of the teachings involve recognising and anticipating an attack and having access to the skills, which will allow you to effectively intercept and counter attack. Another concept that he focused on was “a strike should be felt before it is seen.”

5 Things You Should Know About Jeet Kun Do

The philosophy behind Jeet Kun Do revolves around minimal movement with maximum effect. The movements are simple yet direct and combine extreme speeds with smoothly flowing techniques.

The Fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the fastest growing martial art today. To begin to master Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one must first become versed in the Fundamentals.

How Important Are Your Relationships?

At the end of the day, our relationships are what counts. These can be on a professional or personal and they are the essence of what is considered “quality of life”. How are your relationships?

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