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Silat – A Basic Introduction For MMA Fighters

More and more people all over the world have become interested in learning Silat as a martial art. But despite of the growing popularity of Silat, we rarely see MMA fighters who put Silat into their repertoire. Silat is commonly deemed as only a regular traditional martial art for its choreographic movements. But aside from its artistic form, this particular martial art is applicable for self defense and for MMA fights.

Basic Combos For MMA Fighters

Mastering the basics of punches and kicks is useless if you cannot properly combine them. In this article, we are going to discuss about executing combos.

Demystifying Japanese Martial Arts

The Japanese martial art is one combative form that is truly unique. When you want to learn about this type of martial arts, there are important things you have to be aware of and these are its different forms.

Shaolln Kung Fu’s Monkey Style Contains the Origin of the ‘King Kong’ Legend

Martial Arts readers may be aware of the 72 Secret and Consummate Arts of The Shaolin Temple. These Secret Fighting Exercises or ‘Kungs’ appear in Wu Cheng En’s 14th Century Classic Novel, ‘The Journey West’. This describes Sun Wu Kung (King Monkey) as ‘Master of the 72 Transformations’, but currently available English translations convey no understanding of this vital fact’s real meaning. This contains the truth of the legend of ‘King Kong’!

Traditional Taekwondo for Kids Is a Valuable Investment for a Lifetime

Enrolling children into traditional Taekwondo for kids is one of the most valuable investments that parents can make for their future. The main tenets and principles which students learn through this traditional martial art form are those of courtesy to fellow beings, integrity in all aspects of living, perseverance and self-control as well as maintaining their indomitable spirit under all circumstances.

Ronda Rousey’s Most Devastating Arsenal: Judo

MMA sensation Ronda Rousey just did it again; overcoming top contender within less than one minute using an armbar during her latest Strikeforce Women’s bantamweight belt bout. It was Rousey’s sixth consecutive title defense victories using the same submission hold. Critics may regard her as a “one trick pony” but a victory is a victory and if Rousey is a “one trick pony” then the real question should be how come none of her challengers be able to stop her inevitable armbar submission?

Basic Kicks For MMA Fighters

Like the punch, the kick is also an essential arsenal for any pro MMA fighter. Read on to find out how a properly executed kick can make a big difference in a match.

How To Become A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioner – History And Basic Concepts

A lot of people all over the globe are getting into martial arts and one type that is growing in popularity is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We all know that learning about martial arts provides us knowledge about self-defense. However, nowadays, many people are into these martial arts as a way of getting fit and achieving a healthier body and mind. This martial art has a lot of benefits once you get to know about the different forms. But before you decide about enrolling in a school, it would be a lot better if you are able to learn about the basics of this martial art. Read on to find out more.

Martial Arts Schools and Finding the Perfect Training Program

Anyone interested in training through martial arts schools should do some quality background work in order to find the perfect match. Some of the important guidelines to consider while zeroing in on the best martial art classes is to set ones objective, research on various disciplines, choosing a quality instructor and also school that is convenient to attend time, money and location wise on a regular basis.

How To Learn Krav Maga – A Basic Introduction For Beginners

Krav Maga is a self defense system developed and used by the Israeli elite military unit. This martial art covers striking, wrestling and grappling techniques. It is famous for putting the main focus on using efficient and violent counter-attacks to neutralize attackers in the fastest manner as possible. Read on to find out more.

Your Guide For A Better, Harder Punch

Having a killer punch is one of the tools that a pro fighter must have. All MMA athletes know how lethal a punch can be to end fights within seconds. At first glance, a punch might look very simple. However, behind the simplicity of the punch, there are a lot of techniques that you should master. Anyone can throw a punch but only the elite pros can make it effective, efficient and devastating. To learn how to throw the perfect punch, follow these simple basic steps below.

Wing Chun Centerline – An Introduction

The centerline concept in Wing Chun Kung Fu is very simple in theory, and quite complicated in application; just like the game “Go.” Many people disregard this idea because it seems to be so simple that it can’t really be useful. As you will see it is one of the most important aspects to understanding the nature of successful fighting.

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