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To Achieve Success – You Must Progress

In the 20 years that my family has been training and studying in the martial arts, I have had the great fortune of meeting a varied number of masters and high ranking black belts in many different arts. I have found that although each of the different arts has it’s eccentricities, there are a very select set of similarities.

MMA Fighting Tips and Techniques

In this articles the author shares how to get over a loss in Mixed Martial Arts and how to ensure that you as a MMA athlete can take something positive away from any fight. After years of experience working with martial artists and being one himself, the author understands the importance of mental fitness in MMA.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: The Best Form Of Martial Arts For Smaller Individuals

In this day and age, security is something that has become more of a concern than it was in the past. As the population in any region increases, it naturally follows that problems such as muggings and robberies are bound to increase. If you live in a city or town, you may find that you need to take a few measures to ensure that you are protected from such occurrences.

Secret Fighting Exercises of Shaolin Kung Fu: Soft-Bones Arts

Β The 72 Secret and Consummate Arts of the Shaolin Temple i.e. its Secret Fighting Exercises or ‘Kungs’ fall into two main categories: ‘Hard’ Yang/Gang External Power Training or ‘Soft’ Yin/Rou Internal Energy Training. Soft Bone Arts aka ‘Rou Gu Gong’ falls into the latter category.

Shaolin Kung Fu Secrets: Self-Hitting Arts

The Shaolin Temple traditionally classifies each of its 72 Secret and Consummate Arts under either ‘Hard’ Yang/Gang External Power Training or ‘Soft’ Yin/Rou Internal Energy Development. In the case of Self Hitting Arts/’Pai Da Gong’ we meet an example of the External Yang/Gang Arts sub-division. Pai Da Gong is sometimes also known as ‘Push-Strike Arts’ or ‘A Series of Blows’.

Fight or Flight – Your Martial Arts Choice

Man is asleep dreaming that he is awake. Here is the martial arts alarm clock.

Always Team Up – Never Give Up

I read one time in a social media networking guide that the average person has 250 friends and acquaintances (real ones, not Facebook). It seems to me that somewhere within this number each of us has to have a few friends that can help in just about any area.

Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning – Are You Training Like a Chump?

Do you, like the majority of guys down the gym, think that you’ll be in the best shape for MMA if you grunt a lot and lift heavy weights? If you do, then you’re wrong! Within this article, I’ll reveal the 6 most common myths about conditioning training for MMA.

What’s Your Role At A Martial Arts School?

Everyone who attends a martial arts school has responsibilities, a role to play to keep the place running smoothly and training successful for all. For the master and assistant instructors, and others who make work there, the job is clearly defined. But each level of student also has a role to play, from the most experienced black belt to someone there for their free introduction. What’s yours?

Iron Palm Bags For Your Kung Fu Training

There are two main styles of iron palm conditioning, but both operate on the same basic idea. 1) Striking a bucket full of material. 2) Striking a bag full of material.

Discovering The Perfect Martial Art

Can there be a perfect martial art? If you can follow these guidelines.

Beginners Guide to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Part 1

I began studying Jiu-jitsu in 2004 at the age of 22. Over the years I’ve analyzed my own approach to the sport to give my own advice on how a beginner should approach it. As I have seen my skill progress, I feel that I have developed a set of key principles and guidelines that can help the beginner progress more rapidly and avoid some of the pitfalls that many aspiring BJJ players experience. In this part, I will be explaining some of the principles dealing with efficient use of force a student should keep in mind while trying to sweep an opponent on the ground.

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