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Combatives Solo Training Drills

No gym? No equipment? No training partner? Don’t worry, you can still train Combatives on your own and get some great practice in. Follow these pointers for solo training and then do the drills mentioned for a great solo Combatives session.

Explosiveness Training For MMA

It is of little use a fighter training for size and strength if you are fighting an opponent that is more explosive than you and always beats you to the punch or is first to get the takedown. If you are adding bulk to your muscles you are going to be moving slower, you need to combine your strength training with speed, training your muscles to move faster by moving the weights you lift or your body faster. The Olympic lifts are good examples of movements that are performed quickly.

Sauna Use in Kung Fu and Wu Shu Training

Shaolin Kung Fu/ Wu Shu lower body external body-conditioning massage routines for saunas (and elsewhere) are outlined. Kung Fu/ Wu Shu specific sauna benefits are also detailed.

Gain Real Power Through Stances

Are your stances immovable? Do they enable you to generate huge, effortless power? If not then read this article for the basics of how to make your stances really work for your stability and ability to absorb or generate force. Learn how to truly ‘stand and deliver’.

Chinese Approaches to Body Conditioning for the Martial Arts

Western body-conditioning notions centre mainly on strengthening superficial elements of the torso and limbs. Traditional Chinese methods involve surprising extremes of this, supplemented by comparable expertise in the conditioning of the body’s interior, an area of which the west is largely unaware.

The Shaolin Temple Myth, Part 2

In the second part of this article we further investigate the history of the martial arts and how they spread throughout China. The author also discusses how the martial arts were viewed by the Chinese during the golden ages of the martial arts in China.

The Shaolin Temple Myth, Part 1

As martial artists we have the responsibility to not only use our training wisely but also to question it and question it often. As human beings we also have the same responsibility to question everything and not to rely on blind faith. Everything must not only be questioned but thoroughly researched because at every turn there are those who seek to further their own agendas by misleading us.

Want to Learn BJJ?

I imagine you have concerns about starting up BJJ. What exactly is it? Can’t I just learn on my own by watching MMA and BJJ? In this article we will try to answer those questions and be able to take away your concerns about trying it out.

Using Core Exercises To Gain Maximum MMA Strength And Conditioning

MMA fighters are the most elite group of athletes in the world. They require maximum anaerobic capacity to go full steam in five minute rounds of constant power hitting fights. If you are competing in an MMA match, you will find it almost impossible for not going full throttle during your entire fight. Due to this, it is essential for you as a professional MMA fighter to start taking strength and conditioning exercise programs seriously.

Why You Need to Include Cardio in Your MMA Training

In MMA it is not only your martial arts skill and brute strength that you need to beat your opponent. You may have superior skill…

Is Board Breaking Really All That Great?

In this article the author discusses the topic of board breaking. He looks at whether breaking a board is equivalent to striking the human body, and if it is different how it is different.

Why Every Parent Should Consider Martial Arts for Kids

Enrolling children in schools that teach martial arts for kids is a great way to promote their healthy overall development. The right kind of martial art practice such as Taekwondo imbibes valuable life skills in students and is well known to make children more confident, self assured and highly positive thinkers in the long term.

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