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Is Wing Chun a Practical Street Self Protection System?

In a nutshell this martial art is a practical street self protection system that is direct and very powerful. This Kung Fu system is designed to deal with an aggressor (or aggressors) as fast as possible with the minimum of effort. Please do not mistake that statement as a reason not to work hard or to take your training seriously.

Mental Preparation for MMA

Wining a combat sport such as mixed martial arts (MMA) competition involves a lot of preparation. More than just the physical aspect, there is also something else that needs to be included in the training. With many wrestlers, boxers, kick boxers, and MMA fighters, there is conditioning and physical work outs that goes along with preparing for a match.

The Mental Game of My First Year Back in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Just over one year ago, I started back into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training after 15 years away from the sport, and thousands of hours logged in front of a TV or computer. I thought the primary challenge would be physical – improving from horrible to mediocre shape, developing some reflexes, and trying to revive some long-lost muscle memory. What I learned, however, turned out to be far more of a mental game….

Jiu Jitsu Classes

Are you interested in self defense classes? Maybe you want to practice MMA and take Jiu Jitsu classes. Or compete. You may want to know a few things before you start. Jiu Jitsu can teach you many of the best self-defense techniques and even help to give self discipline to those who need it. It is an excellent form of martial arts to be learned by younger people.

How Women Can Benefit From Learning Muay Thai

These days, Muay Thai is becoming more and more popular as an exercise technique for body fitness and toning. This is why even women nowadays are getting into this art. Today, even women at any age can learn and practice Muay Thai techniques for recreation, fitness or even in real competition. Interested to learn more about Muay Thai? Let me share to you some of the benefits that women can get from learning Muay Thai.

The Self Defense Company Review

Damian Ross from The Self Defense Company says that his system is “The most lethal martial arts/self defense program in the world”. I have used the program for over a year now and I believe without a doubt that up to this point in time that statement is unequivocally true.

MMA Training: Five Years of Strength Training

Reflections on five years of strength training, from novice to intermediate MMA athlete. How to build strength in your MMA training, incorporate weights into your program and not make the mistakes I made.

Getting Involved in Martial Arts

There aren’t many outlets for children out there, nowadays; many of them are violent, or promote anger and hurting others. Sports, for example, push a punishing agenda, and might not reward your child if he isn’t the best on the team. Have a daughter? Forget about it; she’s limited to second fiddle sports and won’t get the same enrichment and growth that a boy would in the same situation. However, there is an outlet that exists, likely in your area, that has the ability to help shape your childs future, and will afford your child the same experiences no matter the gender: Martial arts or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Urijah Faber and His Role In Mixed Martial Arts

This article tells the reader about Urijah Faber and his background, life and involvement in MMA.

Chuck Liddell And His Mixed Martial Arts Role

This article tells the reader about the MMA fighter Chuck Liddell as far as his background, life and involvement in mixed martial arts.

Martial Arts Warm Ups

Is warming up necessary before a martial arts workout? Should you warm up? Like any kind of sport, I believe that warming up is essential before commencing any martial arts workout.

MMA Is The Sport Of The Future

We all love action, don’t we? We love action games, action movies and they get better when we talk of action sports. Competitors fighting right out there; live, and if it is an unarmed combat of skills, attack and defense then it has to be a runaway mass favorite. That is what happened with wrestling as we know it now. Mixed Martial Arts is certainly the sport of the future and it would not take a wild guess or a detailed knowledge of the sport to conclude so.

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