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Krav Maga – Principles and Techniques Defined

Krav Maga, a potent fighting training, is meant to keep one fit by emphasizing on the natural reactions of the body. It helps a person to defend against enemies in a do or die situation. The principles and techniques involved in Krav Maga, are discussed below.

Keep This In Mind When Looking For Good Quality Kickboxing Classes

When it comes to learning any form of martial arts, it is important that you learn from the good instructor. This is no different when learning the art of kickboxing. Therefore, if you are looking to take a kickboxing class, it is essential that you find an institution that has a good reputation of providing the right type of training in kickboxing.

The Importance of Grip Strength in Judo and Brazilian Jujitsu

If you have competed or trained a few times against both Judokas and Brazilian Jujitsu practitioners you may have noticed the amount of strength they posses in both the fingers and forearms. This is due to the constant gripping of the gi over and over again. While competing in these sports I believe it is very important that you train your grip strength in order to have an advantage over your opponent.

Martial Arts Tattoos – Do They Make a UFC Fighter Weaker or Stronger?

Does all that ink make a tough guy into a cream pie? Here’s one martial arts survey which seems to indicate so.

Grappling Dummy Throws, Techniques and Workouts

Grappling dummies are fantastic training tools as long as you know what to do with them. Many people buy a grappling dummy and do the same three or four throws day in and day out. Then after a few months the dummy is left to sit in the corner of the garage and collect dust.

How Martial Arts Builds Confidence in Kids – And Adults

You often hear about martial arts being touted as a great way to build confidence. But why is this so? There are actually several reasons. Some are straight forward; others a little more subtle. By looking at both you will see why it changes kids, especially those lacking confidence, so fast.

Judo – 4 Ways to Incorporate Core Strength Into Your Strength Programs

Your core strength is a very important aspect of your physique if you want to throw people with any throw involving rotating your shoulders. Whenever you are doing Judo you are always using your core to stabilize and transfer power from your lower body into your upper body. Here are a few ways you can incorporate your core into your strength and conditioning programs.

The Dangers of Using a Sauna When Cutting Weight for MMA, Judo and Wrestling

With the rise of mixed martial arts you may find that many amateur athletes don’t bother about dieting for competition as they would rather ‘cut weight’ like the fighters in popular MMA TV shows. If you ever watch top-level cage fighting cards you more often than not hear the commentators mention that a particular athlete walks around at this weight and then cuts twenty pounds to make weight and then smashes a drip in his arm to re-hydrate and eat heaps of food. Although this sounds tough and crazy the fact of the matter is that cutting weight doesn’t always mean sauna-ing a heap of weight.

The Benefits of Grappling Dummies for Judo, BJJ and MMA Athletes

There is nothing worse than going to training and getting stuck with a partner who complains and takes ages to transition between drills etc. One of the best aspects of the grappling dummy is the fact that it doesn’t complain, you can throw it, kick it and punch it and it just keeps getting up and it doesn’t mind. Whether you are a Brazilian jujitsu fighter, a Judo player or an MMA practitioner a grappling dummy is something you should look into getting.

Surprising Truth About Learning How to Fight and Self Defense

Most people have no clue how to fight let alone how to win a fight. It is not like you see in the movies and the good guy often loses (if he didn’t there wouldn’t be any crime). In order to learn how to fight you need to have a glimpse into the secret underground world and attitude of the most successful fighters on the planet.

Considerations For Women Starting Martial Arts Training

When looking for some form of exercise class to improve fitness and burn off some calories, Martial Arts Classes can be rather appealing. In addition to the health benefits vigorous activity brings Martial Arts have the advantage of helping people learn to protect themselves. Given the threat of violence nowadays this element is a very desirable bonus to most people.

Jeet Kune Do Fighting Tactics: Intercepting

We now come to the cornerstone fighting tactic of JKD–intercepting. As I’m sure you already know, Jeet Kune Do literally means “The Way Of The Intercepting Fist.” The idea being that the sooner you end a fight the better.

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