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How the Right MMA Gear Can Bring Your Fight to the Next Level

The next best thing is a term used to define the most appropriate substitute to the real deal. In fighting having the proper assortment of gear will be the next best thing to a real fight. When we are talking about MMA gear, we aren’t just talking about the gloves, headgear and mouthpiece that a fighter wears but also all of the training equipment that is a part of their daily routine.

Krav Maga, the Modern Approach to Self Defence

What is Krav Maga? It is a Self Defence system which originated in Israel. It is the official tactical combat system of the Israeli Army. Krav Maga roughly translates to ‘Close Combat’ all Israeli Army Recruits including Women, receive basic Training in Krav Maga.

Different Martial Art Forms

It can be difficult to choose which style of martial arts you want to start learning. With hundreds of different styles and disciplines to choose from, it can be confusing to determine which martial art will best suit your needs. If you are interested in martial arts, it is important that you research the different styles before enrolling in a school or program.

What The Well Trained Mind Actually Perceives In Martial Arts Freestyle

Once one gets past fighting, they begin to see reality, and the mind of their opponent, a little differently. Here is the data.

Jump Training for Martial Arts

Are you a martial arts practitioner looking to add some form of exercise to enhance your training? Plyometric (jump training) will provide an extreme cardiovascular workout that incorporates strength and agility while working the entire body. All you need to do is add a 20 minute plyometric routine three times per week to improve strength and quickness.

How to Properly Care for Your Martial Arts Uniform

As part of your martial arts training, your instructor will expect you to take proper care of your martial arts uniform. Known as the gi, your uniform is a reflection upon you, your instructor and the martial arts style you are learning. Not only is proper care of your gi a matter of self-respect, but it is also a matter of discipline. While your instructor will provide you with more detailed information regarding the proper care of your gi, here are some of the basics that you need to keep in mind when engaging your martial arts training.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: The Full Body Workout

The current fitness trend is to invent workouts that stress the entire body, every time, in different and innovative ways. Those of us involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu know we don’t have to invent a fad: the sport already exists! Many techniques provide a full-body workout in and of themselves – this article talks about one of them.

Learn Zombie Kung Fu Now And Live Through The Coming End Of the World!

I just know that if I started a zombie kung fu martial arts school I would get incredibly rich. I could teach all the secret martial arts techniques that the less than alive use to rip the beating and dripping heart out of some fool who can’t run very fast. I could teach people the secret monster karate techniques that… maybe I should tell you where I am going with all this?

How The Effectiveness Of Tai Chi Works On Your Mind And Body

Traditional Chinese medicines emphasize that humans should exist in natural balance with nature in a spiritual and physical sense. When we are well balanced within ourselves and in balance with nature, then we will have strong qi and be healthy.

Review Of The Top Ten Essences Of Tai Chi

In Tai Chi, there are many formulas and ways towards better practice. These have come from different Masters and experts who have taught the art through the years. The set of rules that are used is called the “Ten Essences”. They were taught by master Christopher Pei, who has taken the Ten Essences as written by Yang Chengfu who arranged them into a logical sequence. The outcome of this is a sequence of rules or “Essences”that capture the pure heart of what Tai Chi is about. If you are ever unsure about anything in Tai Chi, always refer to the Ten Essences. If you cannot resolve it in terms of the Essences as you understand them, it is time to ask your teacher or other authority in the subject. If you question Tai Chi in this way, you are on the path to understanding it.

The Biggest Pitfall To Avoid in Self Defense Training

In today’s world the need for simple, practical and effective self defense skills is a no-brainer; a necessity. Unfortunately for many, undertaking such a study is bereft with pitfalls which, at best, rob one’s training of much of its’ value and, at worst, lull one into a false sense of security. The biggest pitfall to avoid is the pitfall of presupposition; making assumptions about anything in a combative scenario.

Finding the Best Martial Arts Venues Offers

It can appear quite challenging – the task of finding good martial arts venues offers quickly for an event that is expected to be held soon. But that is only when you believe that you have to be doing the running about and putting things in place. How about a solution that takes care of all the perceived hassles and botheration of holding such events and is a very professional one?

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