Full Fight | Brent Primus vs. Gleristone Santos – Bellator 153

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Requirements For a BJJ Blue Belt

Everyone wants to know what it takes to get your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt, well look no more because I have everything you need to KNOW to get your Alliance BJJ Blue Belt. The road to Black Belt is long, and this is your first promotion.

Fighting Tips – How to Fight Someone Bigger Than You

This could be one of the most important questions for someone starting out in the martial arts. Maybe it’s a neighborhood bully, older brother, or someone else taking advantage of their size, but you’re not going to allow it anymore. Whatever your reasons, there are definitely pointers that will help you win your next fight.

How to Use a Wooden Dummy for Martial Arts Training

Wing Chun’s iconic Wooden Dummy is shrouded in mystery due mainly to a lack of understanding its primary functions. Find out what the real secret to this ancient training tool is by reading this article.

Realize The Importance Of Picking Out The Right MMA Gloves

Dressing appropriate is a crucial part in the safety of participation and execution of moves in martial arts. The sports have stringent rules when it comes to dress code that starts right from the time one starts training for the martial arts.

Martial Arts Training And How It Can Benefit Your Kids

In the age of video and computer games and an increasingly violent society, training in martial arts can have huge benefits for your kids. Make no mistake, this isn’t about fighting. It’s about developing and maintaining healthy life skills.

Top 5 Reasons for Taking Self Defense Lessons

Taking self defense lessons can offer a host of benefits to people of all ages apart from providing personal protection. The top five reasons why everyone should enroll for self defense lessons include the benefit of personal empowerment, confidence building, increased fitness levels, ultimate stress busting and enhanced focus and concentration.

Join Self Defense Classes and Learn To Save Your Life

Of course, though it is important to avoid a physical assault; it is definitely not possible to prevent it these days. But by joining self defense classes and learning the proper techniques of self defense you can surely be prepared to defend yourself to save your life when you become a victim of violence. No longer do you need to be worried or scared to walk back home alone from work.

Wing Chun Punch – Making Every Strike Count

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Wing Chun punch. Considering its unique approach to striking, there’s a lot of room for confusion. Read more to clear the mystique surrounding the Wing Chun punch.

The Multiple Benefits of Self Defense Classes For Kids

Self defense classes for kids is a great development tool for the overall growth of children. Some of the multiple benefits that can be seen in children who learn self defense are holistic growth, effective energy channeling, enhanced body growth and a high sense of self worth.

Streamline Your Arm Bar Attacks From Bottom Guard

There’s nothing more satisfying in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than a good submission via arm bar. The danger with this technique, especially from bottom guard, is that if it fails, you lose valuable position. By focusing on using your legs to control your opponent, instead of your arms, your chances of success (and not getting stacked-and-passed) go way up. Here’s how!

Self Defence Is Everybody’s Right

With over 18 years of Karate experience I have always tried to promote basic self defence classes for women and children, All over the world today, incidents of assaults against women and children are growing every day, this only adds fuel for a campaign to teach women and children self defense, I have been on a crusade for about 10 years now campaigning for schools to teach basic self defense techniques to all children starting at an early age. If these lessons where then practiced over the school years, they would become a way for children to…

True Virtue Of A Karate Master

how can you motivate yourself whilst along the way some other practitioners you meet may not be quite as enthusiastic for the hard training ahead as you are. How can you channel that motivation into a positive more forward looking outcome in the correct sequence, so that you can achieve your goal without becoming discouraged yourself?

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