Full Fight | Brandon Girtz vs. Fernando Gonzalez – Bellator 174

Jiu-Jitsu History – The History of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Jiu-Jitsu has almost a hundred years of history behind it, all of which cannot be precisely traced. However, it is said by some historians that this “gentle art” originates somewhere back to India, where the Buddhist Monks used to practice it. Worried about their safety and their self-defense, techniques focusing on the principles of leverage and balance were created by these monks.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Modern Samurai?

Samurais were the warrior class of the pre-industrial Japan and they mainly served as the army for the nobility. They were very well trained soldiers and their weapons were a proof of their forging skills and ability to outwit the enemy. Primary weapon of the samurai was the katana sword.

How to Wear Your Karate Outfit For Best Representation of Your School

Some people are a little overwhelmed at the thought of wearing their karate outfit. Here is a quick primer for how to correctly wear your karate outfit so that you can proudly represent yourself and your school.

How to Fold Your Karate Uniform According to Traditions

Folding your karate uniform is one of the most important aspects of owning one. This short article will outline the right way to do this according to traditions.

Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying Martial Arts Uniforms

Martial arts uniforms are the traditional type of dress for most of the disciplines and styles. Buying this uniform can be overwhelming at times. Here are five steps to help you make the right purchase.

5 Great Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Taekwondo Uniform

A Taekwondo uniform is a great way to show off your love for your chosen discipline. But, you must take care of it the right way! These 5 steps will show you what you need to do to keep your dobok looking great.

Andersen Silva Vs Chael Sonnen 2: Technical Analysis

Chael Sonnen made a major tactical error in this fight with Anderson Silva. He threw a spinning back fist that was not set up properly and therefore Anderson Silva finished him. This article aims to teach people a proper way to set up a spinning technique. This article also aims to educate people why Chael Sonnen lost his fight with Anderson Silva.

What Is The UFC?

What began as an absolutely brutal combat arena, has now morphed into one of the most profitable sports on the planet. Start here to answer the question, “What is the UFC?”

Martial Arts Instructors: Are You Ready to Go Pro?

Do you have what it takes to be a professional martial arts instructor? Read here to find out if you have the skills.

Self Defence And Combat Sports

In the twenty first century combat sports have become more than just sports. A trend had shown how these combating techniques had transformed into sports and is still that way. But more recently, these sports are again being seen as not just sports but as a self defence system.

Little Guys Vs the Big Guy: The Truth

Little person syndrome is alive and well in the world. Every little guy wants to believe that he could beat up a bigger guy but this is rarely ever the case. However, a little guy must be ready for the eventuality of fighting of a guy who is larger than him. Therefore, they should be aware that a bigger man will always win a straight fight when skills are equal. Therefore, it is up to the little person to have enough skill and cardio to win the day.

MMA Training – How to Develop Incredible Power Using These Three Elements

Are you training for Mixed Martial Arts, UFC, or any of the hundreds of martial arts practiced in the world? Have you found your attacks to lack impact?

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