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How To Adapt Your Martial Arts Training For The Streets

One of the big differences between training in the gym to fighting on the streets is your defense. A lot of martial arts train with in a fighting stance with closed fists… Like boxing. Which is great for competitive sports when you have boxing gloves on because there is a lot of padding to absorb blows which reduces the risk of injury. But if you use this type of closed fist guard then you could get knocked out even if you defend a blow. Look at mixed martial arts – they use gloves with very little padding.

MMA Gear – Know What to Look For

People buy MMA gear because it is trendy and youthful and those who practice MMA need it for their sport. MMA is a combat sport with lot of grappling and striking involved and the right clothing is a must for the game.

How to Master a Skill: 3 Simple Steps to Master Your Grappling

If you want to be a better grappler, then you’ll want to read this article. Grappling is a specific skill, and there are 3 requirements necessary to learning any skill.

MMA Clothing

The popularity of clothes for MMA is on the rise, because both MMA professionals as well as spectators of the sport love to buy this clothing. MMA clothing and the right equipment is needed to play this combat and contact sport. These clothing is of various types.

Important Tips for MMA Strength Training

If you need to build up strength and crush your opponent MMA strength training is the answer. Jiu Jitsu and other martial arts fighters need strength training in addition to skills training. Due to this sport progressing one cannot rely on skills alone.

How to Reach Your Grappling Potential in MMA

If you want to increase your grappling skills, reach your potential and be at the “top of your game”, 2 of the main areas you need to focus on are 1.) physical training, and 2.) skill learning. This article is going to teach one of the important aspects of skill learning.

Ninja Training in the 21st Century

Forget Hollywood and Halloween…Ninja Training in the 21st century is alive and well. Separate fact from fiction and you can train to become a modern day “ninja”.

Concepts Behind the Art of Wushu, the Chinese Kung Fu

The Chinese Kung Fu which is termed as Wushu has become one of the widely practiced form of martial art. It uses different techniques wherein anyone can learn. With the use of your arm, legs and some weapons, you can have a choice as to what technique you would want to focus.

Grappling Drills Include Nage-Komis and Uchi-Komis

The Two most popular grappling drills that are typically performed with a partner include nage-komis and uchi-komis. Uchi-komis is whereby one partner performs the throwing motions but does not actually throw their partner. Included is shadow uchi-komis whereby the student performs without a partner.

MMA Clothing – For Men

MMA clothing mainly consists of shorts, gloves, shirts etc. With the rising popularity of the sport several manufacturers have started producing a diverse range of MMA gear across a wide price range, especially MMA shirts which are very popular for their logos, designs and varying textures.

How to Become a Successful MMA Fighter

One of the fastest growing and most exciting sports in the world today is Mixed Martial Arts. People all over the world are learning how this modern day evolution of the Martial Arts can benefit them with fitness, confidence building, balance, coordination and self defense. In this article we will discuss the guidelines you need to follow to become a successful Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

MMA Tips for Your Fights

There are many things that new fighters have to do before they have their fights. It helps to have the same routine to for every fight because it will build comfort for you.

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