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Is Kickboxing the Gateway to Better Self Defense for Women?

Martial arts is a skill that every female should have. However, it is not easy for most women to get started. This article explains why a kick boxing course could be the gateway to the self defense skills they need.

How Useful Is a Taser in a Real Fight?

A taser is not the end all be all of self defense. However, it is very smart to have a taser, but most people do not use them effectively and risk injury or death. The moment that counts the most in a fight where a taser could be involved is the first few seconds. The ability of the taser user to access the weapon quickly and efficiently is everything in a fight.

The Ultimate Secret Of MMA Champions

What makes a MMA champion? Is it talent? Is it strength? Or is it years of extensive training? There is one thing that separates the elite from the rest in MMA. This article will tell you the secret that have made MMA champions throughout the history of the sport.

History of The Karate Belt Ranking System

This article reveals the true history of the belt ranking system used in the martial arts. It covers where it came from and how it came to being.

The Many Benefits of Learning a Martial Art

Martial arts has been in the scene since time immemorial. But it is only lately that we’ve been able to appreciate the art and all the benefits that it offers. Before, we only think of martial arts as an Asian thing because it has always been deeply connected to Asian culture and traditions. But over time, martial arts have evolved to adapt to the modern times. People now study martial arts not only to learn the art itself, but also to enhance their overall being. There are many benefits of learning a martial art. Let me share to you some of them.

The Unique Values and Tenets of ITF Taekwondo

The ITF Taekwondo stands for the International Taekwondo Federation which is responsible for the management and maintenance of the teachings, principles, certifications and rankings of this traditional martial art form. Through its establishment and work the federation aims to promote the core values of mutual respect, right action, freedom, justice and world peace amongst its schools and students spread all across the world.

Top Reasons for Joining Taekwondo Classes

Taekwondo classes have become one of the most popular forms of martial art in today’s modern times because of its holistic mind, body and spirit connection. Some of the top most reasons why everyone should feel motivated for joining Taekwondo classes include attaining physical fitness, learning effective self defense skills and using this martial art form as a medium of creative and artistic expression especially by kids and the youth.

How To Escape From The Mount In MMA

In MMA, getting trapped under your opponent’s mount is the one of the worst situations. The mount, also known as the Judo’s tateshihogatame, is one of the most dominant positions during a ground fight situation. Learn how to escape from the mount in this article.

Basic Takedown Offense For MMA Fighters

To become a successful MMA fighter, you must have good wrestling moves and skills to take your opponent down. By having wrestling skills, you will be able to dictate on where the fight should go. If you want to take the fight to the ground, you will need to master the wrestling takedown techniques. Read on to find out more.

Wrestling Workouts You Can Do At Home For More Brute Strength

Wrestling ability is an important tool to have for any MMA fighter. By having this skill, you will be able to dictate on where the fight should take place – standing up or on the ground. To master wrestling, you must be dedicated to train your strength and flexibility.

How To Do The German Suplex For MMA

The German Suplex is one of the most beautiful and most lethal slams in wrestling. If you manage to execute it during an MMA match, then you might be able to gain momentum or to get a huge score from the judges. Most of the times, a properly executed German Suplex could also knock your opponent right out. To properly execute a German Suplex, please follow these steps.

Trying to Know Shotokan Karate

Shotokan karate is known as a term used now to describe a method that Gichin Funakoshi begun developing in the first 1920s. The term Shotokan originated from Funakoshi’s pen-name Shoto, meaning pine-waves. It was a name he used to sign all his philosophical communications to his pupils.

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