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Jeet Kun Do VS Wing Chun

Jeet Kun Do uses Wing Chun as its foundation and all of the components that make it such an effective tool have been implemented into Lee’s own system. Wing Chun is all about using your opponent’s strength against them. Muscle will not help you against someone skilled in the art of Wing Chun.

Choosing the Martial Art That Will Be Best for You

Whichever form of martial art you opt for, you are going to benefit greatly. They may all be slightly different but ultimately they are all going to make you fitter, stronger, more flexible and teach you how to defend yourself.

Getting Girls Into the Martial Arts

As well as this great benefit to their safety, there are a number of other areas where girls can profit through studying a martial art. Of course regular classes means regular exercise, which promotes good health for everyone involved.

Learn to Fight Like Bruce Lee

Practising the art of Jeet Kun Do and learning to fight like Bruce Lee is a great thing to become involved in. Anyone with an interest in the martial arts and even complete beginners can benefit in a whole variety of different ways from studying a martial art such as Jeet Kun Do.

The Principles of Jeet Kun Do

The concept of Jeet Kun Do is fairly simple, “the best defence is a strong offense” but there are a number of principles that make that possible. Another very important principle that Bruce Lee believed firmly in is termed the non-telegraphic punch. The basically means utilizing explosive attacks that cant be foreseen or predicted.

The Principles of Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a type of martial art that originated in China. The true history of Wing Chun remains somewhat debated as a number of myths about the creator were invented in order to mystify the enemies that China was facing at the time. One of the most popular stories is that of Yim Wing-Chun, a young woman who stated that she would only accept the offer of a warlord’s marriage proposal if he agrees to and wins a martial arts battle against her.

Why Learning a Martial Art Could Be Great for Your Child

It’s great for fitness, physical health and in many ways also mental health. However the benefits it can provide children are even greater. Through the study of martial arts, children are not only taught skills but also values, both of which can be taken out into the real world and help to mould our children into valuable members of society.

Teach Your Child Discipline and Respect With Martial Arts

Respect comes via the relationship that is developed between student and teacher as well as other students within the class. Trust is important between you and your partner when you are practising self-defence and attacking techniques and with trust, quickly comes respect. This again is a characteristic that once developed within the classroom, will be taken by the student into the real world without them even realising.

Reap the Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial arts can be learned at any stage of life, regardless of your age, fitness and experience. A good teacher will be able to take someone who has never attempted any form of the practise, has a lack of hand-eye co-ordination and poor fitness and turn them into a master.

Wing Chun: The Best Martial Art for Women?

Wing Chun is such an effective form because it revolves around balance, structure and stance. Muscular strength has no advantage at all, which is one of the reasons that this form of martial art is so ideal for women. Practitioners of Wing Chun firms believe that he or she with the best structure will win the fight.

Self Defense Moves – What You Need to Learn

We live in a shaky world that makes it an absolute necessity to know how to protect your physical body from being harmed by another individual for whatever reason. The best defense is always to avoid finding yourself in situations where your physical self might be in danger. The best thing that you could ever do to arm yourself against being violated is not to be an obvious target.

Bellator 77 Results Overview

The semifinals of Bellator’s season 7 lightweight tournament have kicked off this Friday at the Reading Eagle. Dave Jansen, Marchin Held, Ricardo Trioli and Rich Clementi were among the winners at the fights that took place on Friday. There is also a full list of results of the seventh season of Bellator 77.

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