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Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Jiu-Jitsu is a form of Japanese martial arts that has developed into a very popular sport. It consists of grappling and striking techniques that requires years of practice and oodles of finesse.

Modern Hand To Hand Combat by Hakim Isler

“Modern Hand To Hand Combat” by Hakim Isler is a book about the military combative system Isler developed, which he calls “The Effective Battlefield Proximity Combat Training System.” For short you can call it BPC for Battlefield Proximity Combat. Isler relates it to ancient samurai techniques that were used on the battlefield, thus the pictures of combatants dressed as Samurai and combatants with modern military uniforms being compared. I say the book is “about” the system, because it really does focus more on the theory behind the system, and why he teaches certain things, more than teaching the actual system. Yes, there are some techniques from the system taught both in the book with descriptions and photographs, and then more in detail on the accompanying DVD, but these are few and by no means make an entire system.

Advantages of Learning Martial Arts

Martial arts are popular as self defense tactics, to improve fitness levels, as well as enhance concentration. Women specially, benefit from learning these techniques for self defense, which are useful when they are travelling alone in secluded areas. If children learn these techniques early in their lives, they will benefit from increased confidence for the rest of their lives.

Finding Popular Karate Classes

Karate is a nice way to get your body back on track and be fit. Not only that, Karate teaches you the various self defense techniques which help you to carry on with your life. Crimes are increasingly being committed against anyone and everyone. Children, women, middle-aged people, teenagers need to arm themselves with these crucial combat techniques which would come in handy throughout their lives.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Tai Chi Chuan?

Many people today are looking toward alternative medicine either as a substitute or a complement to traditional western medicine. They believe these practices to be safer than western medicine, and many believe them to be more effective. One recently-popularized alternative medicine practice is tai chi. Tai chi is a form of martial arts that is practiced both for sport, ritual and health benefits.

3 Killer Aikido Techniques – What Are They?

Martial arts have been around since a very long time and therefore are probably the most effective type of self-defense which have actually existed. These days, more and more people are beginning to discover martial arts for a number of reasons-some would like to learn self defense for street protection plus some learn a martial-art to be able to increase their own spiritual techniques.

What Is Escrima?

The Filipino martial art of Escrima has sometimes been called the deadliest martial art in the world, and that’s thanks in large part to the emphasis on effectiveness, on what works, rather than on what looks good. It thinks right away of the real life combat situation. Because of this it is not uncommon to see Escrima as the chosen fighting system for law enforcement and army personnel.

Kid’s Martial Arts – Flow in Action

As you can imagine, we get asked A LOT about the various benefits of our kid’s martial arts programs. Usually people talk about confidence, fitness, and self defense benefits. These benefits are absolutely fantastic, and any legitimate kid’s martial arts program focuses on them for sure. There are other amazing benefits that kid’s programs (IE: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, self defense, etc…). One of these is often tied to “relaxation,” and the “promotion of ‘good’ behavior.”

The Fluid Shock Wave Principle

In this article I would like to introduce you to a fighting principle called the Fluid Shock Wave Principle. The Fluid Shock Wave Principle is emphasized in all of the counter strikes I use. It is not an unknown concept in the martial arts; this striking principle has been called the focus punch, the energy sink, the heavy hand strike, and many other terms relating to a “vibration” type of strike. Unfortunately, learning how to deliver such a strike often took a lifetime of constant practice, since few individuals understood the strikes physics or a dynamics. I will explain them to you in this article.

3 Ways for Kids to Appreciate Their Martial Arts

Appreciation is acceptance and support towards something great (I always loved that definition!). It’s easy to see that kid’s appreciate things – sometimes easier than most adults. From a funny joke or noise to their favorite toy or best friend. Appreciating the martial arts is something children come to do very easily in a quality martial arts program. Engage Children with the Technique and History of the Martial Arts. A good martial arts program knows where its roots are, and besides having a blast, learning self-defense, and getting a great exercise, kid’s are interested in learning little facts about their art. They learn the purpose and development of the discipline from knowing about how the sport was made. They start to get curious and would soon be interested in the art itself…

4 Benefits of Practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

In addition to being a very effective combat sport and self defense method Brazilian Jiu Jitsu also offers its disciplined practitioners a variety of health benefits. This art is extremely rigorous and difficult to master, and through this arduous process martial artists can expect to gain physical and mental benefits that may be unavailable through other means.

Applying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques – 4 Easy Tips

The martial art of Brazilian jiu jitsu is becoming well known as a dynamic and effective discipline. It is a grappling art much like judo or wrestling but its focus is on submissions rather than take downs or throws. Applying these techniques can be much more challenging than simply emulating what can easily be observed.

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