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UFC 134 Predictions

Yushin Okami… a.k.a. the pity case. I have been reading forums on MMA websites for years and there is always one guy who says “Okami has won X number of fights in a row he deserves a title shot!”

Krav Maga Training Classes

Krav Maga Training classes are gaining popularity worldwide thanks to the simplistic approach applied in Krav Maga tactics for self defense and attack. Krav Maga, which means “close combat,” is a form of martial arts developed in Israel. It covers a variety of striking techniques including wrestling and grappling, which prepare a person to encounter brutal attacks.

Top 5 Least Practical Martial Arts Weapons You Know You Want

Do you ever look at some crazy piece of martial arts weaponry and wonder to yourself ‘What on Earth could the practical application for that be?’ Well you’re not alone, especially if the next thought that enters your head happens to be ‘I want it!’ So many pieces of martial arts weaponry began as practical and have since evolved into weapons of insanity and death that no peace-loving monk or villager would have dare dreamed. Take a break from your usual martial arts weapons and take a look at some of the implements of destruction that made this list. You may be quite surprised!

MMA Mouth Guards

When MMA blew on the scene in the early 90’s there was very little protection required and very little thought was put into the fight gear of a fighter. Since then we have seen advances in nearly every aspect including mouth guards.

Shaolin Kung Fu – Three Eye-Training Drills!

Strong Eyes (Iengong) is a fundamental Kung Fu ‘Gong or ‘Kung’, alongside Muyugong (Withstanding Blows) Qigong (Breath Control) and the others. Eye-Training Arts or ‘Ienshu’ is part of this.

Martial Arts Training Dummies

What type of heavy bag or dummy do you need? This articles gives a brief review of some of them.

MMA For Traditional Martial Artists – Top 3 Tips

Traditional martial art practitioners wishing to fight in MMA competition face a number of problems. Here are the top 3 tips for a successful transition.

Your Guide to MMA Training Equipment

Whether you have just started out training MMA or you’ve been training for a while everyone is going to need the right MMA Gear for training and working out. The training sessions will be very demanding and you will require the correct pieces of MMA equipment and buy MMA gear to train properly.

5 Shaolin Blocking and Arm-Conditioning Drills

These drills may be practiced individually or as an arm-conditioning workout. As practice continues, the arms get used to/become ‘conditioned’ to their demands, ‘toughening up’ accordingly.

Kung Fu Training – The Dragon and the Martial Artist’s Health and ‘Spirit’

With the Year of the Dragon (Lung Nien) commencing on Jan 23rd 2012) it seems appropriate to consider the Dragon’s place in Kung Fu’s Wuxing/5 Animals hierarchy in some detail, in relation to Kung Fu/Wu Shu in general and the health and ‘Spirit’ of the Martial Artist in particular. This article also considers appropriate Qigong training towards such ends.

Health Benefits of Martial Arts

This articles addresses some of the obvious health benefits to those who practice the martial arts. It touches on both the physical and mental advantages to be attained by the martial artist.

MMA Shorts Brand Buyers Guide

In Mixed Martial Arts competitors need to use the best kind of MMA Gear to ensure that they can perform to their maximum during sparring and competing. MMA shorts are one of the most important pieces of MMA Gear that you will need to train in MMA. They offer unrestricted movement and comfort when training to your maximum. A good pair of MMA shorts will be light and comfortable and last you a lifetime of training. We will take a look at some of the best brands of MMA Shorts available in the world today.

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