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Striking Range for Self Defense

This article is my view on dealing with a violent attacker. You always want to try defusing the situation. You do not want to get into a physical encounter, they can be life changing events, but you have to be able to recognise when a situation starts to degenerate into violence. This happens very quickly. If you feel like things are going to turn violent then be first. This is a short what to do guide. It is not set in stone because there are so many variables, so these are some basic concepts from my experience that work.

The Benefits of Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing is a sport that has taken over gyms throughout North America. As a fitness regime, cardio kickboxing has likely grown in popularity because it combines cardio elements to give practitioners a high-energy, full-body workout. Indeed, many different types of cardio kickboxing have been developed, and men and women increasingly choose this combat sport as the perfect method for maintaining their fitness, losing weight, and improving their overall health. Indeed, there are many benefits of kickboxing for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The History of Kickboxing

In recent years, kickboxing has become an increasingly popular practice for self-defense, general fitness, and as a contact sport. Originally developed from various fighting styles including karate, muay thai, and boxing, kickboxing is a type of martial art that combines kicking and punching. Kickboxing is generally considered a hybrid martial art as it came about through the combination of various elements of traditional martial arts styles. Since the 1990s, the sport has helped contribute to the popularity of mixed martial arts which further combines ground fighting to its repertoire of fighting techniques. The history of this combat sport can be broken down to its evolution in Japan, North America, and Europe.

Tai Chi Chuan Method For Building Chi Energy

Chi development in tai chi chuan style martial arts commonly starts with the holding the bowl posture. This is an easy practice with hard and fast results. Here is how to do it, along with some of the commonly encountered problems.

Creating and Winning Your Own Martial Arts Contest!

Creating and winning a martial arts contest is a great program, and a fantastic goal. No matter whether you do karate or kung fu or aikido or whatever, there is going to be a new and improved you at the end of the road.

Comparison of Martial Arts Styles – Jui Jitsu Vs Tae Kwon Do

Now kickboxing is usually divided into either full contact, light contact and point fighting. Full Contact is fought in a boxing ring over three minute rounds. Light contact and points uses different protective equipment and is usually fought in 20ft x 20ft square area over 1.5 or 2 min rounds, very similar to sport karate sparring.

About Mixed Martial Arts

As one of the fastest growing sports in North America, mixed martial arts (MMA) are practiced by men, women, and children alike. Unfortunately, non-practitioners are quick to describe the sport as violent and barbaric while comparing it to such travesties as cockfighting or dog fighting. To say nothing of the lack of respect these comparisons mean for the highly dedicated and trained athletes that practice mixed martial arts, these characterizations also ignore the many benefits of mixed martial arts when it comes to physical and mental health.

How Qualified Are The Jiu-Jitsu Schools in Your Area?

How qualified are the Jiu-Jitsu schools in your area? This is the question you want to ask yourself when you’re researching for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools in your area. You will have a lot of schools to choose from, so make sure that you do your research.

Kickboxing Classes For Fun And Fitness

Are you looking for a work out that burns a ton of calories, teaches you self-defense and is also fun? Well you have to look no further than kickboxing classes.

Choosing the Right Gi for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Make sure you are looking for the right things when choosing a gi for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. From your dedication level, to price range, and colors, there are so many choices to make. Make sure you know what sets some gis apart from others by reading this short article that breaks them down into three skill levels; the hobbyist, the person in-between, and the competitor.

Judo – 4 Out of 5 Enjoy the Frequent Flier Miles!

Show of hands. Who here has tried out judo? I only see 3 deformed, mangled fingers so not many. Judo may seem like a hyperactive dance routine but it is one of the harshest martial art styles. There’s grip fighting, air bending throws, crazy submissions, pins. Not only is judo an Olympic sport but it is one of the styles commonly found in mma. Read about the history of judo here my friends.

How to Make a Most Excellent Martial Arts Video

Here is an excellent primer on how to make a martial arts video. The author wrote articles and shot photos for the national martial arts magazines, and currently owns his own company selling martial arts instructional videos he has shot himself.

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