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Taekwondo and Marketing

Marketing is a process focusing on customer satisfaction. It implies market research and customer identification. Once the market is understood and a target audience is chosen, the focus shifts on sales.

Kung Fu Carpet Fist – ‘Ditan Chuan’

“Fast as the Wind, as light as a leaf!” runs Kung Fu style Ditan Chuan’s motto and spectacular gravity-defying leaps and falls are amongst its attention-grabbing performance qualities. This article outlines some of the benefits of learning Kung Fu’s ‘Carpet Fist’.

Top 5 Submissions Every MMA Fighter Must Know

Ever since the beginning of MMA, submissions have been a centerpiece of the sport. Although some submissions are simpler than other, all of them can be effective when executed correctly. Here are the top five submissions that every MMA fighter need to know to be an efficient fighter.

Can You Learn How To Fight From A Book or DVD?

If you can’t get to a martial arts class then can you learn how to fight from books and dvds on martial arts? This article tries to answer that question.

The FAQs About MMA

What is it? While many have heard of MMA, or Mixed Martial Art, there still resides a confusion about what it really is, how it compares to standard boxing, and who is best suited for it. This article sets out to erase some of the misconceptions and make you – the reader – understand what MMA can offer you.

Kickboxing and Kids: Is It a Healthy Choice?

Like it or not, sometimes kids desire to get involved with something that you don’t entirely approve of. As a result, you are required to determine whether or not it is something that is safe and worthwhile of your child’s time. If your son or daughter has started to show an interest in kickboxing, then there is much for you to learn before you make a ruling one way or the other.

Martial Arts Improvement By Writing a Letter

You want to improve in the martial arts, don’t you? What I am going to suggest in this article will take some martial artists out of their comfort zones. Still, if you perform this one “easy” activity, I can almost guarantee some amazing martial-arts results.

Martial Arts Pasta Before Practicing

I’m not a fan of jumping on every nutritional bandwagon to help my martial arts skills. Even though I still eat a bit too much, I have found that sound principles of nutrition work better than spending a fortune on supplements or currents fads. One particular tip that really works for me concerns.

Taekwondo Competitions Worldwide

Taekwondo’s philosophy is to create a peaceful world by personal training and development of individuals. Taekwondo helps you build a strong character and focuses on positive moral values like respect, courage, patience, perseverance or integrity. The Taekwondo competitions are a great opportunity to test your abilities and to learn from the best.

How Popular Is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a Korean form of martial arts and it is one of the most popular forms of martial arts. In many countries it is really difficult to make people understand about the benefits of taekwondo, mainly because of the fact that most of these people are crazy about football and cricket and don’t want any other sport in their life. Popularity of taekwondo can be assessed with the help of this simple fact that it is not confined to only Korea.

Hapkido, the Martial Art – The Way of Coordination and Internal Power

If you mention Korean martial arts, the first which came to mind is the Olympic sport of Taekwondo.Β  There is another martial art originated from the ancient fighting art of Korea.Β  It utilises kicks and strikes just like Taekwondo.

Pushing Through the Pain

Most of conditioning and training is a mind game. Sure, your body is going to tire out a little bit: your punches won’t hit as hard, you won’t be able to kick as high, and you can’t lift any more weight. But most of it is in your head.

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