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Colorado MMA Fighters – 10 Things You Might Not Know About Chris Camozzi

Colorado MMA fighter Chris Camozzi is quickly earning a reputation in the UFC as a hard nosed fighter as he continues to move up the food chain of the UFC’s middleweight division. Here are 10 things you might not know about Colorado’s Chris Camozzi.

The Problem With How Martial Arts Systems Are Put Together

The big flaw when people put together martial arts systems. It’s true for everything we learn.

Martial Arts Training – Learn How Important Eating Correctly Is To Your Training Routine

Often many martial arts students get very attached to their training routines and have the right mindset. However quite often it is overlooked from the nutrition perspective. Without good nutrition you will not achieve the optimum benefit from martial arts practice.

Using Supplements for Your Martial Arts Training – Are They Effective?

Martial artist always strive for perfection. This can be on their technique, strength and flexibility. There is an argument to suggest that taking supplements is not necessary as long you eat correctly.

The ONE Key Ingredient to Simple, Effective and Practical Self Defense

The secret to any simple, effective and practical self defense system is also that one aspect that will allow you to survive a self defense encounter either by recognizing and avoiding a potentially harmful situation before it occurs, or by knowing when and how to apply the key weapons on your body to the opponent’s most vulnerable areas. It is AWARENESS, and cultivating a sense of awareness is absolutely essential to any aspect of self defense.

Krav Maga – The Best Self Defense Method

Krav Maga is the self defense method used in the Israeli army for face-to-face fighting against terrorists.There are no competitions in krav maga.Its sole purpose is to defend oneself from violence, allowing the victim to escape from the situation unharmed in as short a time as possible.Even countries from the Far East, such as Japan, which is considered to be the birth place of martial arts, have adopted krav maga as a self defense method.

Silat Training System – Three Punches To Apply During Self Defense Training

Buah Pukul is a self defense moves in silat training system that required one to receive the attack first followed by counter strikes either using bare hand or weapon. It is also known as self defense. The self defense training can be done with two or more opponent in any silat training.

Outdoor Activities To Maintain Great Shape In The Warmer Months

When spring and summer comes, there is a sense of excitement in the air. Instead of staying cooped up away from the cold air and working on your strength and conditioning inside an apartment or fitness club, you can finally put on your favorite workout clothes and make use of the great outdoors for building a better body and mind. The relationship that one has with nature is as old as mankind itself and still a necessary part of one’s existence on both the individual and societal levels.

Indoor Activities That Keep You Fit During The Winter

When the seasons turn and the weather grows colder, it can be easy to fall out of the healthy exercise routines you’ve established for yourself over the previous months. The ideas of getting out and running at the park or playing a game of tennis in the blistering cold are absurd. Still, you should not give up on healthy living just because the elements make it more difficult to do the active things that you love to do.

Kung Fu – A Great Way To Stay In Shape

Staying in shape with kung fu may seem obvious on the surface. The physical demands that this activity places on the doer is enough to keep the blood pumping and the heart rate elevated. It challenges one’s metabolism and pushes one to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. But those are not the only ways that kung fu can help you to stay in excellent shape. There are other factors to consider that include the physical but go well beyond it as well.

The Art of Japanese Sword Making

Japanese Samurai Katana Swords are worshiped and revered in Japan and amongst avid sword collectors. The samurai warrior of feudal Japan was a respected warrior class that enforced and implemented the rules of the emperor. Of all sword-making nations and cultures, none has received such veneration and praise as the Japanese.

How To Take Your Workout for Kickboxing to The Next Level With The Tabata Method

Learn how to alter your workout for kickboxing so it is more exciting and effective but runs for a fraction of the time you usually spend by adopting the Tabata method. Then reap the rewards with your fitness levels going through the roof while your fat levels drop lower than ever!

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