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The Art In Martial Arts Shoes

Β Martial arts shoes are an essential requirement when you are studying a particular fighting styles. Since it is a very dangerous sport, one should make sure that he wears all protecting gear to protect his body. And since your legs plays an essential role in this art, the need to protect them is quite obvious.

Japanese Samurai Swords: Extension of Honor, Ego and Pride

Japanese samurai swords are revered and worshiped all over the world amongst avid sword collectors. The samurai swords are not only symbols of military aristocracy of the warriors of feudal Japan, these are icons of prestige and pride as well.

Martial Arts Techniques – A Simple But Effective Self Defense Technique To Escape A Grab From Behind

Being grabbed from behind can be one of the most dangerous self-defense situations one can find themselves in. Not being able to see who has grabbed and not knowing what their intentions are can be a harrowing experience. Typically the attacker will pin the victims arms to their sides. Even the most experienced martial arts practitioners will not be able to defend themselves well in this position. There is one simple but highly effective self-defense move the victim can perform to escape.

The Most Polite Man In The World Did Kwon Bup Karate

A war story from the early days of the Kang Duk Won. Outlaw bikers, a bar full of cowboys, and a real hoot of an adventure.

Womens Self Defence

Often when a self defence course is run there is limited time to get the message across. As with all martial arts there is, of course, a huge amount to cover but with a self defence course we are expecting to be able to defend ourselves by the end of it. Likewise with Karate, kung fu or whatever, part of the deal is wanting to feel safer by being able to defend ourselves in times of danger.

Is a Pre-Emptive Strike Your Best Defense?

Historically we are taught that martial arts is a defensive concept and that it should never be used as offensively. In an ideal world this philosophy or theory is a great one. In an ideal world there would be no violence anyhow so it would not much matter. Unfortunately ours is not an ideal world in any aspect of reality so reality has to be factored in to the concept or premise.

Learn The Secrets To a Lightning Fast Roundhouse Kick

The roundhouse kick is one of the most powerful kicks you can throw if done correctly. This kick is popular in Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and many other styles. If you want to develop power and speed there are a few things you must know.

Martial Arts Gear That Improves Speed, Accuracy, and Power

Considering the variety of different styles of martial arts gear available it’s challenging to decide what exactly you need. I want to speak about four items you’ll want and I can tell you why! Regardless of what form of karate you practice, this gear is crucial.

Self Defense With Karate Online

Self defense is one of those things that everybody would like to do, but most people don’t actually take the time to do it. One of the biggest reasons I hear is lack of time. A lot of people just want to learn self-defense, they don’t want to go to class each week and make the time commitment that martial arts training requires.

Ethics And Actions Along The Warrior Path Does The End Really Justify The Means?

What are the underlying principles that motivate people to behave in a certain way and do they really matter? As martial artists, we learn about how important it is to maintain our control and composure as an integral part of our training. This is especially vital whenever we are faced with a person who is behaving in a threatening and potentially violent manner. Internally, we know we need to maintain a certain amount of distance, both physically and mentally from this person because, by taking a step back, we can more fully appreciate not only our own situation, but theirs as well. We know that we human beings are extremely emotional creatures, that these emotions are very powerful and can, at certain times, cause us to act in an ugly, irrational way. As martial arts student, we understand a bit more about controlling our own emotions to a certain degree, so overriding our more primitive instincts. Whereas, the “normal” person we come across and interact with every day will not have this advantage and, therefore, their understanding is not our understanding.

Silat: A Deadly Indonesian Martial Art

Silat refers to a collection of martial arts from Southeast Asia. Silat was developed in a region where tribal warfare, hunting were common activities. Tribes fought over property, trade routes and even engaged in cannibalism. Tribes also fought as a group in ways that enabled them to catch large animals. They would wait for an individual to stray away from companions and then multiple attackers would use knives, clubs and other weapons in order to bring down the victim.

Street Fighting Techniques When Confronted by a Group

In all cases when you are in a public place you need to be alert. Using a color code alert system is a good start.

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