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IBJJF Guidelines on the Bjj Gi for Competition Use

The aspirant of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu would wish to know the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) guidelines on the Bjj Gi for competition use. Any beginner in the martial art of Bjj would dream to participate in the IBJJF rated competitions as a professional black belt Bjj competitor. He would do well to know thoroughly about the guidelines prescribed by the IBJJF on the Bjj Gi for competition use so that he would prepare well before the event begins by using the Gi meant for Jiu Jitsu competitions.

Choosing the Right Bjj Gi for Jiu Jitsu Competition

Imagine you are slowly shaping up as a professional Submission Fighter. It is good news for you and the people around you such as your parents, friends and more importantly your coach. You would be hyped up to take part in the Jiu Jitsu competitions quite regularly. In such an event how would you choose the right Bjj Gi for Jiu Jitsu competition?

Street Fighting, Martial Arts and The Urban Warrior!

How do you break the trance of what is and what is not perceived as 21st century self-defence? As a teacher of both karate and military combative type training I know better than to take myself too seriously. But I am very serious when I’m training myself or others to survive a vicious violent attack because that is the ultimate aim of self-defence, survival right?

Tae Kwon Do Values

The South Korean Olympic sport has trail-blazed in the martial arts section and for long has caught the attention of many individuals. Likely, there are more tae kwon do gyms in the world than we initially thought. People look at it as the most friendly and well-disciplined martial arts.

Better Breathing to Make Your Martial Arts Better

Breathing is an important part of martial arts. Read this article to learn more about how to can improve your breathing skills and become the fighting machine you want to be.

What You May Not Know About Kempo

There are many different forms of martial arts in world today. Every culture has its style that they have perfected through out the centuries.

Xing Yi: A Devastating Internal Martial Art

Xing Yi is one of the three internal arts of China. (It is pronounced shing-ee and sometimes spelled Hsing I.) The other two internal arts are Tai Chi and Ba Gua. Like the other internal arts, Xing Yi focuses on the use of internal and external body alignment as well as the use of chi energy in combat situations instead of simply focusing on training for sheer physical force. The word “Xing” is most commonly translated as ‘shape’ or perhaps ‘form.’ The word “Yi” is translated “will” or “mind intent.” In combination, these two words can be translated in many different ways. The title of this martial art may actually have been created in order to give a number of different possible meanings. However, loosely speaking, the phrase could be translated “spirit and mind intent boxing,” “mind intent boxing” “mind and heart boxing” or simply “mind boxing.”

Find Your Weaknesses: The Way of the Master

Want a logical, no-nonsense method to improve your grappling skills fast? Stop looking for more “great techniques” that are finally going to make you unbeatable. More techniques don’t guarantee you’ll be less defeatable.

MMA Clothing: Uncontrollable Passion of Current Generation

The shirts, T-shirts, gear, caps, hats, and gloves are a few things that have gained importance and demand in the MMA clothing listings. The uncontrollable passion of present generation towards ultimate fighting has increased the demands of incredible MMA clothing designs.

Five Things That Will Insure You Win At Karate Freestyle

Five exact things that will sharpen your freestyle. Hard core and sound principles.

Mixed Martial Arts Training – How To Become Fight Ready In 6 Months

Want to learn mixed martial arts training and be fight ready in 6 months? Here’s what you need to do.

Ultimate Krav Maga

The “Ultimate Krav Maga” 5 disc self-defense instructional DVD set provides a comprehensive program of self-defense based on the Israeli self-defense art of Krav Maga. It is an exceptionally well produced and informative program that covers a wide spectrum of self-defense principles and skills. For the person who does not have access to an instructor in person, or for the person who wants supplementary material to study at home, these five DVDs offer much to study and learn from.

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