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Secret Shaolin Fighting Exercises: Finger-Pointing Technique!

The Shaolin Temple’s 72 Secret Fighting Exercises or ‘Kungs’ involve raining extremes which, if persisted with, deliver astonishing results. Practising Finger-Pointing Arts transforms the index-finger into formidable weapon, capable of extinguishing the life of an assailant. Details of training methods and the three key stages involved follow.

Properly Selecting And Caring For Your Jiu Jitsu Gi

The practice of jiu jitsu is derived from the traditional practice of Judo. This is an ideal offensive and defensive martial art craft that provides more than just the discipline. Nowadays many are enrolling themselves in Brazilian jiu jitsu to heighten their self-esteem and use it for self-defense. It is a great stress relieving activity that allows us to change our lifestyle and strengthen our drive for success.

Miguel Torres Leglock Seminar Review

In the bustling metropolis of Hammond, Indiana, Miguel Torres gave a three-hour seminar over a part of his game that nobody really knows about, unless you train with him: Leglocks. The all Nogi seminar covered kneebars, heel hooks, Achilles locks, toe holds and more.

Review of the Techniques in the Gracie Combatives Course

The Gracie Combatives Course is a DVD series designed to teach Brazilian jiu jitsu in the form of basic self defense skills. Brazilian Jiujitsu initially originated from Judo and it was introduced into Brazil by Mitsuyo Maeda (Conde Koma), who specialized in Judo groundwork.

Andre Galvao Seminar Review

His guard is to sweep or submit you. Lots of guys have tough guards that you can’t pass and they do a lot with crazy grips and hooks. That’s no good to him. He wants the submission, not to win on points. Not to win and be boring.

College Safety 101: Miss Independent’s Guide to Empowerment, Confidence, and Staying Safe

“College Safety 101: Miss Independent’s Guide to Empowerment, Confidence, and Staying Safe” by Kathleen Baty, The Safety Chick, is a very good book for the young woman heading off to college, or the female student already attending classes. In fact, the book has advice well suited for college males too, and some of the safety advice is relevant for all ages and all stages of life. However, the main audience for this book is the young woman getting ready to attend, or already attending college.

What Does “Tai Chi Chuan” Mean, and Why Do Some People Spell It As “Taijiquan?”

Tai chi chuan (taijiquan) is a martial arts based practice rooted in ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy. Used most widely now for health and developing an indomitable spirit, its popularity is growing fast. But many people (and tai chi teachers!) don’t even know what it means, or why it is sometimes written as “taijiquan” and still pronounced the same way. The problem is due to misunderstanding Taoist terms, as well as misunderstanding translation and transliteration between the Chinese and English languages. Let’s clear it up now.

Art of Ninjutsu

When you hear the word “Ninjutsu” you may think of fighting. But Ninjutsu is not simply a fighting style. It is a collection of principles that dictate a way of life and exemplifies what the martial arts truly are.

Five Martial Arts Calisthenics To Help You Be Five Times More Stronger, Faster And Powerful!

Five martial arts exercises that make you stronger and more powerful. Excellent for warm ups and cool downs.

A Piece To The Puzzle – Martial Arts

Knowing the different phases of martial arts and how to properly use them. There are many different components and factors to understand which will help you you them effectively and efficiently.

How A Predator Catches Its Prey

Knowing how a predator views things can greatly improve one’s ability to avoid them in their lives. It is important to know as much as you can about people who live their lives to hurt others.

Bujinkan Ninjutsu Training – “What Is Ninjutsu?”

Most everyone in the world has heard of the Ninja. In the Western world the word Ninja has been “Hollywood-ed” to the point of almost making it a blasphemous word within the world of the martial arts. With that, the mystery around Bujinkan Ninjutsu, one of the 3 approaches to ninjutsu available to the modern student, has become more distorted to unimaginable depths.

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