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Challenging Your Assumptions When It Comes to Martial Arts

It is important to challenge your assumptions because they are not always correct. They can create misconceptions but in recognizing them, more success will be found in a martial artist.

Mixed Martial Arts: An Introduction

There is a lot to learn when it comes to martial arts. Because there are many techniques it is impossible to learn all of them. It is best to specialise in areas such as cage fighting or wrestling.

Grip Training for Martial Arts

Grip strength is broken up into several categories: crushing, pinching, and supporting. Crushing is often described as the action where the fingers close into a fist, like squeezing grippers until the handles touch together. Pinching is where the fingers and the thumb oppose one another on opposite sides of an implement, like lifting several dimes smooth-side-out, and supporting is where the fingers and thumb are wrapped around something like holding onto the bar in the deadlift or clean.

3 Martial Arts Techniques For The Street: These May One Day Save Your Life

When it comes down to a real life situation in which your safety, and possibly your very life, are on the line, how comfortable do you feel about your ability to protect yourself and possibly your loved ones? This is a difficult question to consider and, although one can never be completely comfortable about such a situation with all of the unique possibilities one can encounter, there are certain things to consider now so that if that time comes you can be significantly more prepared. The…

Defense Against Same Side Wrist Grabs

In many martial arts styles “self defense” and even “escape” techniques are taught in addition to punching and kicking. This is, of course, a good thing. However the way they are generally presented seems to leave much to be desired in terms of real world use. Realize that the author is very much aware that there are some martial arts schools and instructors who incorporate the philosophy and observations presented here into their programs. They are, however, not in the majority from what we have seen.

Common Problems for Beginning Judokas

I was talking to a beginning Judoka the other day and he was having a few troubles when it came do actually doing Judo. This individual came from a Field Hockey background where it is a ‘visual’ sport opposed to ‘feeling’. Hockey is a sport where your reactions and decisions are based on what you can see and anticipate through your vision. Where Judo is largely based on what you can ‘feel’ opposed to what you can see. So what is the feeling of Judo?

Recovery After a Judo Session

Do you ever wake up the next day after a grappling or weights session with sore muscles? Many people wake up sore and uncomfortable after a session of judo, weights, running or any other intense exercise. A great deal of people surprisingly don’t have much idea about how to recover from a session, or even where to begin.

7 Great Tips to Improve Your Judo Game

Judo is a tough sport/art and we sometimes get stuck in the habit of training with the same old people, in the same place doing the same thing. In order to continue to develop and improve your skills it is crucial to constantly reflect on your own training, the good points and the bad points. Here are 7 key areas I believe will assist in your self reflection as well as continual improvement in the sport of Judo.

6 Essential Exercise Tips for Judo

There are a lot of fads and different strategies when it come to training for Judo. I have decided to write briefly on 6 points that will greatly improve your strength, fitness and power for Judo. It is important when training for Judo that you have a Judo specific fitness and strength program.

Ninpo: The Mental Discipline and Emotional Control of the True Martial Artist

Are you interested in Ninpo, the higher, philosophical side of Ninjutsu? Are you seeking lessons in emotional control, mental discipline, and the spiritual side of martial arts training? If you believe that the martial arts – true budo – involves much more than mere physical techniques, and that self-defense encompasses more than merely dealing with physical attackers, then this article may be of interest to you. If not – if you’re all about the fighting, belts, and trophies… then I suggest that you save yourself a lot of wasted time and click to the next site or article right now.

What Your Judo Strength and Conditioning Training Should Look Like

It is very important that the workouts you are completing in the gym are beneficial to improving your overall Judo game. If you are completing workouts that aren’t written for Judo you will find that your success on the mat will be somewhat limited! Put simply, if you want to gain success on the mat you MUST train like a Judoka.

Cutting Weight Techniques for Judo

There are so many different ways to make weight, and sometimes it can become very confusing as to how or what you are going to do. Making weight can be difficult or easy; it all depends on how you approach it. Many things need to be taken into consideration when preparing for a competition. This can include dieting before the comp, sauna-ing, starving yourself, or moving up a weight division.

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