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UFC 124 Fight Watch: BJJ Artist Dustin Hazelett

Dustin Hazelett is on our list of “who’s who” in the UFC. “Thanks to his knockout ability” you ask? Nope – he is really kind of lanky. “Due to his record?” Negative – Dustin’s 12-6 (5-4 UFC record). “On account of his outstanding recent beard?” Maybe. Besides the beard… I like Dustin Hazelett because of his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Here’s a recap of Dustin as a fighter, and why I’m looking forward to witness his BJJ exhibit during UFC 124.

Self-Defence or Martial Arts? Which One Do You Prefer?

People have many reasons to enroll at martial art schools. However, majority do it to learn how to protect themselves. Most of the martial arts move toward a sport or competition oriented syllabus. We should know that sport martial arts and self-defence are two different forms of combat.

Self-Defence – The Basic Rules for Your to Survive An Attack

You must prepare yourself psychologically for you to defend yourself from a physical attack. Even the best martial arts training in the world will not be able to help you if you are not ready to use them as self-defence when confronted with a sudden aggressive assault. This article will share with you some tips on to do when confronted with an aggressive assault.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) – What Should You Do To Prepare For A Fight?

You have trained extremely hard for the coming fight, a well scheduled fight? This article is going to share with you some steps to make sure you are prepared to perform your best for the fight.

Musashi, the Strongest Swordsman in Japanese History

History teaches us a lot of lessons. Even the history of duels and fights can teach us lessons on how we should deal with our daily issues. To deal effectively with issues and problems, which pop up in our lives, we need to build and maintain the stability of our mind. Two famous swordsmen in Japanese history taught us how important to keep “Peaceful Status” of our mind to be successful in addressing and solving our problems.

Is Classical Martial Arts Better Than MMA?

Classical martial arts v MMA style arts is coming to be an old question. Here are a couple of things to consider.

How Does Martial Arts Kicking Relate to Real World Self Defense

Given the amount of power a good kick can generate this one weapon can devastate an attacker. All this is true in a controlled environment, especially inside a martial arts school, a gym or a sports arena and it can be equally true under favorable conditions on a street, sidewalk, parking lot or even a grassy field. However there are a number of considerations to ponder when contemplating the value of a powerful kick in a real world “street fight” confrontation.

Martial Arts Myths – Discover The Common Myths We Associate With Martial Arts

Over the years there have been many myths and legends surrounding the various martial arts of our time. The movie industry have built upon these myths in the last forty years to show martial arts almost something which is deemed superhuman and not accessible for the average man or woman. I think we all know that this started with Bruce Lee.

Letting Your Child Quit Their Martial Arts Instruction

Most parents enroll their child in a martial arts education because they want them to learn discipline, self-esteem, and confidence. Whether your child has become a student of judo, karate, or tae kwon do, the ultimate objective should always be to achieve a better body and mind through martial arts instruction. However, you may find yourself in a situation where after a few years of instruction, your child is begging to be allowed to quit.

What Are The Costs Involved With A Martial Arts Club?

When you start out in martial arts it can cost you a pretty penny. You have to think about any martial arts kit you may have to wear to costs involved with tuition fees. When you start out you generally don’t realise just how much money you need to spend out before it is too late.

Martial Arts Clubs For Women – How To Find A Female Friendly Club

It is a sad fact but more and more women sign up for martial arts lessons every year, but a lot quit due to sexism in the training regime. In the past martial arts have often been deemed a male outlet, and only a few women fill the training ranks. But more women are now participating in all manner of sports so I do believe that this is only a temporary thing until people’s attitudes change so do not fear.

Setting Your Martial Arts Goals – How To Come Up With A Plan Of Action

As soon as you start a martial arts school you need to learn how to keep focused. The most effective way to overcome this is to set yourself new goals. When you are a beginner this can seem daunting and setting a specific goal can be hard to accomplish.

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