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5 Awesome Grappling Dummy Throws

If you own a grappling dummy there are so many techniques you can do that will help you get better at grappling. On my grappling dummy I do heaps of throws but Osoto gari, Seoi nage, Tai otoshi, O goshi and Harai goshi are some of my favourite techniques to throw my dummy with. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to throw your dummy.

Judo Ne Waza – 6 Basic Positions

There are 6 basic pins used in Judo in order to control your opponent on the ground. These techniques are called Osaekomi Waza. In a Judo competition you can pin your opponent for 20-25 seconds in order to win the fight. The 6 basics hold downs in Judo are Kesa Gatame, Kuzure Kesa Gatame, Mune Gatame, Tate Shiho Gatame, Ushiro Kesa Gatame and Kami Shiho Gatame.

6 Vital Aspects of Uchikomi Practice

Uchikomi is a fantastic judo drill that is a must when it comes to practicing judo technique. There a few key areas that need to be addressed when doing Uchikomi. These areas are where to grip, Kuzushi, distance, entry, throw and the speed at which you do it.

3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Judo

You will never be a master at Judo, this is due to the fact that there is always something to learn. There are a few things you can do at Judo that will instantly make you a better Judoka. This first of these to bend your knees.

Injured at Judo? Now What?

Judo is a tough sport; there are times when doing randori or practicing technique that you are susceptible to attaining an injury. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of impact, falling and twisting going on each and every throw. It is important to make sure you are confident in your break-falls as well as being aware with what’s going on around you.

Maximum Grip Strength for Judo and BJJ

Grip strength is a must in both Judo and Brazilian Jujitsu. A stronger grip simply means a stronger overall game. If you are stronger than your opponent then you instantly have an advantage over them.

What an MMA Workout Plan Entails and What It Takes to Be a Great MMA Fighter!

The increased popularity of mixed martial arts workouts (MMA workouts) can be attributed to the rise of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), as well as other MMA fighting promotions, as mainstream sporting events. There are many elements to an MMA workout, such us working on submissions, striking, grappling, conditioning and wrestling. Workouts can either be focused on the defensive nature of the sport, or on the offensive nature.

Kids’ Martial Arts In And Out Of The Cage

Recent uproar in the media about the eight year olds fighting in a cage at an adult event may have put parents off the idea of enrolling their kids into a Martial Arts class. This article explains why this should not be the case and how the episode is actually an example of how kids can achieve so much in Martial Arts.

Training For Martial Arts With Elastic Exercise Bands

Would you like to know the benefits that you can experience as a result of training with elastic exercise bands for martial arts? Do you want to be able to generate explosive muscle power when you need it?

Self Defense and Martial Arts – 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Self-Defense Instructor

Are you brand new to martial arts or brand new to the area? Have you been going to dojo after dojo trying to find the right instructor who can teach you self defense arts? Or, are you just beginning your search? With all the choices out there and everyone under the sun claiming to be the next great hope, it’s hard to decide who is worth training with and weeding out the who are just trying to make a buck teaching ineffective techniques to people who don’t know any better. If you are a newbie (we all were once) it makes it even harder to know what is real and what is not. This article provides a few tips to help you find exactly what is right for you.

Self-Defense Techniques and the Consequences

You may have learned some basic self-defense techniques or be an accomplished martial artist. You’ve envisioned defending yourself against a real-world attacker while hitting a striking target in the dojo, but have you ever thought about what happens if the situation were for real and your adrenaline-charged strike is blasting in at your attacker’s throat? What are the consequences of striking that target with that much force? After reading this article, you will have a little bit more to think about when it comes to using self-defense skills in a responsible way.

Why Russian Martial Arts Are So Effective

Russian martial arts happen to be an extremely efficient and deadly form of this highly acclaimed fighting style. Unlike many Asian based forms of martial arts, where simply perfecting the moves and purifying your mind, is considered an art form. The people that practice Russian martial arts sole purpose is to incapacitate their opponent as quickly as possible, while ensuring that they fully protect themselves at all times.

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