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The 3 K’s of Shotokan Karate

When seeking to understand the basics of any martial art, it is key to grasp the fundamental principles and aspects behind that martial art’s practice. With shotokan karate, it is easy to focus only one element, to think that the entire art is based on one aspect, while in fact there are three aspects that are equally important. It is only through the complete understanding of all three parts of shotokan karate that one may begin to understand the true nature of this martial art, and in today’s article we will examine what each of them are and how they contribute to art as a whole.

How to Take a Fall in Martial Arts

If you engage in sparring than no doubt you will have experienced the moment when somebody catches your leg and sweeps the other one out from under you. Or perhaps your opponent pulls you in close, suddenly pivoting to drive their hip under yours and then lifting and dropping their shoulder so that you go flying up and then down onto the mat. Or perhaps you are simply fighting, over reach, over extend, and then slip, and then down you go, hard onto the mat. How do you take that fall? What are the principles at play that allow you to go down hard and not get hurt? In today’s article we will look at those principles and seek to explain them so that you may learn to do so yourself.

How University Students Can Reduce Their Chances of Becoming Victims of Violent Crime

University and college students are often the victim of violent crimes. Many of these crimes can be avoided and/or survived with the knowledge Miyama Ryu Jujitsu self defense strategies and tactics. One source of these tactics and one of the best books on self protection is the “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker.

When You Hit the Ground Fighting – Get Up Fast

A number of years ago, a statistic was started that said ninety percent of fights go to the ground. I don’t know who started the statistic, but some claim it was a ground fighting system that did so. I know some people who have been in numerous fights and altercations that claim the ninety percent rule sure didn’t reflect their experiences. I personally have been in a number of fights when younger that did not go to the ground, at least not in a grappling sense. Often one person would go down, but not both people, and not in a wrestling or jujitsu type manner with each person trying to submit each other.

Sunrise Tai Chi With Ramel Rones

“Sunrise Tai Chi” is an instructional DVD with Ramel Rones that contains over three and a half hours of demonstration, instruction, and follow along workouts. It is a very comprehensive program that teaches a Tai Chi form that he calls Sunrise Tai Chi that is a morning exercise sequence designed to awaken the senses, stimulate the mind, and fill your body and spirit with abundant energy. If you are looking for a Tai Chi program to start your day, this DVD instruction on Sunrise Tai Chi fits the bill very nicely. I also want to point out that Rones also wrote a book of the same title, and it and this DVD can be used together to enhance a person’s learning.

Three Steps to Growing Real Martial Arts Chi Power

It’s easy to grow Internal Chi Power, no matter what style of Karate you practice. The problem is that there are so few accurate descriptions–we are lacking instructions, you see–that very few people ever make the simple connections.

The Historic Ultimate Fighting Championship in Toronto

The Ultimate Fighting Championship in Toronto, Ontario, Canada event takes place April 30, 2011. A main event matching Welterweight Champion, and native Canadian, Georges St. Pierre against Jake Shields, plus and interesting under card promises to make this an exciting evening for fight fans. Sell out gate receipts have doubled the previous largest gate for the UFC.

The 5 Animals Of Kung Fu – Learn The Mysteries Of One Of The Famous Martial Arts Styles

Animals have been used in martial arts for hundreds of years. Martial artists of old tried to emulate fantastic animals and mimic their bravery and strength with certain techniques of their own. Also named the Kung Fu fist forms, they are believed to be some of the most effective and deadly martial arts to study, unlike the many other martial arts styles of today.

Self Defense Techniques for Street Fighting

Self defense techniques can take many years to practise. Having studied traditional martial arts for many years I have learned some incredible techniques. But which self defense techniques would I use in a street fight?

A Glance at the UFC and The Specific Training That’s Involved

MMA is an extremely arduous and exclusive sport that places a great deal of vigorous demands on individuals that perform it. MMA fighters don’t only need to be hard or powerful or have amazing stamina – they will want the 3 of these items all of the time. Due to this fact, UFC fighters train using an extremely distinct and arduous set of methods of training intended to build power and endurance inside the fighter.

Wu Shu and Kung Fu Massage for Performance Improvement!

The underlying principles of Wu Shu/ Kung Fu Massage are explained and some key examples and exercises presented which enable practitioners to make health and strength gains that will improve their martial arts in a number of surprising ways. Ways in which External Qigong activity aids body-conditioning are also outlined.

Introduction to MMA Training

Β  MMA which stands for mixed martial arts has become a very popular form of combat sport. It is also known by other names which include cage fighting, street fighting and ultimate fighting. As the name suggests this kind of martial arts is a mix of various forms.

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