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Kukkiwon Mekka of Taekwondo

Kukkiwon mekka of Taekwondo Kukkiwon was established by Korean government in Seoul in 1971, although this organization started working officially in 1973. The building consists of three stories and is capable of accommodating about 3000 people at a time. Kukkiwon is famous as an academy of the taekwondo and it is funded by ministry of culture, sports and tourism.

How to Score Points in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournaments!

Learn the BASICS of position usage in BJJ tournaments! Learn the RULES to fight!

Advanced Online Ninja Training Lesson: Easily Maximize the Power and Effectiveness of Any Technique

Are you a student of Ninjutsu – of Ninpo-Taijutsu, the ninja’s armed and unarmed self-defense system? I can understand why. The art of Ninjutsu is arguably the most comprehensive system of personal development and self-protection ever devised by man. Here is a lesson taught to advanced students who are working through the concepts of strategic control and defeating an opponent who is bigger, stronger, and more skilled than you. After reading this article, you will have a secret key to making your techniques much more powerful and effective. And, the most surprising thing will be, the ease of which you’ll be able to make it happen!

The Three Things That Make For The Most Powerful Kick On Earth!

This is the straight goods on kicking. Overlooked by most teachers, these are the crucial points.

The 13 Postures: The Heart of Combat Tai Chi

Tai Chi practice involves more than just the forms that casual observers associate with the art. It also includes practical applications that can be applied in combat situations. Among these are the 13 postures. When Tai Chi moves are explained in the Tai Chi classics, more often then not the author is writing about the 13 postures. In fact, many Tai Chi instructors consider them to be at the heart of their practice. This article gives an overview of these postures and explains how two of them work.

Warrior Mind: Strategy and Philosophy From the Martial Arts by Dick Morgan

I’d had “Warrior Mind: Strategy and Philosophy from the Martial Arts” by Dick Morgan on my to get and read list for quite a while when I happened to find an autographed copy at a book store in Spokane, Washington. So I added the book to my autographed collection and have just finished reading it. I am very glad I did. I really enjoyed reading “Warrior Mind” and found that I agreed with much of what Morgan wrote, and that his philosophies regarding the martial arts are very similar, if not the same, as many of mine. This book reinforced some of my own beliefs, and provided new and different perspectives on others which helped enlighten my thinking in regards to my own training and teaching. I think this is a very good read for any martial artist who wants to go beyond the physical techniques of training and develop oneself in all areas, physical, mental, spiritual if you will, and experience all martial arts are able to provide.

Be Skilled in Jiu Jitsu

There are several martial arts that are dominating the world today. In particular, Jiu Jitsu is now claiming its popularity among different age group in different areas.

Training Judo For Self Discipline and Fitness

Judo is considered a fun sport at present, but it can also be considered a form of self-defense. Other people even use it as part of a fitness program or a social activity with a group.

Learn the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu North/South Position!

Learn MORE about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu positions to help you control your opponents better! Learn about the North/South position!

Getting All You Can Out of Your Mixed Martial Arts Training

Part of the appeal of mixed martial arts is that it’s not easy to get good at it. Consistent training, determination, and being in great physical condition are all requirements to achieve anything is this sport. Here are some helpful tips to help increase your progress with MMA training. The first thing you should consider, if you’re serious about your mixed martial arts training, is to get the right clothes and equipment.

Aikido – The Dynamic Japanese Martial Arts Created By Morihei Ueshiba

If you are exploring Japanese martial arts, try to learn something about Aikido. This unique martial art is founded and developed by Morihei Ueshiba or commonly known as O-Sensei by the Aikido practitioner. The manner how Aikido is practiced might not show that it is a deadly art.

Martial Arts – From Functional Skills to Degree

A Blackbelt has often been likened to the qualification of a degree – sure they both take around 3 years to get and a black belt martial artist is reasonably accomplished in their subject but is it really like a degree? Back in the 1970s before the polytechnics became universities, and before every subject under the sun became degree-able, it would have seemed ludicrous – but what about now? If you can do a degree in sport and exercise, film studies and fashion, why not martial arts?

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