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The Illusion of Jockdom – Recipe for Death

Having muscles is a good thing. Being a jock, an athletic stud on campus or in the neighborhood can be an ego booster. However, thinking muscles alone will save you or your loved ones in a self-defense engagement is a recipe for injury, even death. Therefore, be wise and avoid the egocentric trap of The Illusion of Jockdom.

What Does the Best Self-Defense System Look Like?

This article will show you what any great self defense program should teach you. It will point out the weaknesses you must know about in many programs, and show you what you need to build your own ultimate fighting system.

Self Defense Principles: The Top 4 Keys to Successful Self Defense

Want to feel confident that you can win any fight? This article will give you the 4 most important ‘fight principles’ that will help you become a great fighter.

Sunset Tai Chi – Simplified Tai Chi For Relaxation And Longevity by Ramel Rones

If you have a couple of Tai Chi books on the shelf that feature brief descriptions accompanying pictures of one of the Tai Chi forms, and you don’t think you need any others, rest assured that “Sunset Tai Chi: Simplified Tai Chi For Relaxation And Longevity” by Ramel Rones and written with David Silver is no such ordinary book. While the title says this form is simplified, and it is a shorter form than some of the longer forms, there is nothing “simple” about this book. It is a very detailed and informative text, with accompanying pictures, on a mind/body program designed for beginners or intermediate level students. (And I wouldn’t be surprised if many who consider themselves beyond the intermediate level wouldn’t learn quite a bit from this book too.)

Street Stick Combat: Stick Takedowns for Hard-Core Self-Defense With W Hock Hochheim

I’ve enjoyed W. Hock Hochheim’s instructional materials for quite some time. I’ve learned things from some of his videos, and I’ve liked a number of his articles and the magazine he used to publish. “Street Stick Combat: Stick Takedowns for Hard-Core Self-Defense” is his first DVD with Paladin Press. It is a two disc set that runs approximately 180 minutes. The DVD was filmed in Paladin’s studio, so the picture and sound quality are very good, as are the menus to the DVDs. This allows you to find the segment you wish to study easily.

Ninja Weaponry And It’s Place In Training To Be A Ninja

Are you interested in learning about ninja weaponry and the many different weapons in ninjutsu training? I can certainly understand why. The ancient weapons of the Shinobi (another name for the Ninja) are fascinating, and to serious students of the art, an important part of keeping tradition alive while learning effective self-defense. Also, there is no doubt that being proficient in the use of ninja weaponry just adds to the toolbox of a warrior. This article focuses on how a true ninja sees his weapons and how and why he chooses to use any one of them.

Martial Arts and Personal Development Training – Why Would You Want to Learn Ninjutsu?

Are you looking to learn effective, street ready self-defense? Many are. But are you also working on personal development, and trying to make yourself the best “You” that you can be? Perhaps you know that the martial arts are a great way to do both but, have you ever tried to learn ninjutsu – the self-protection and life mastery teachings of Japan’s ancient Ninja families? This article discusses several reasons why you may want to learn ninjutsu – and the reasons why you shouldn’t!

Ninjutsu Training – Martial Arts, Self-Defense or Personal Development Training for Life Mastery?

Are you one of the few amongst the masses who wants that certain “something extra” that life has to offer? This article explains how Ninjutsu training – the self-protection and personal development lifeways of Japan’s ancient Ninja families – offers modern students like you the path of Enlightened living reserved for only the most serious students seeking to become true warriors.

Street Survival – Things to Know in Order to Survive a Street Fight!

In order to be successful and survive a street fight, one has to be able to identify what a “street” is, and where an attack can happen. The truth of the matter is that a street fight can happen anywhere at any time. It is not limited to being on the sidewalk of a bad neighborhood, or on a literal “street” or roadway. Unfortunately, there are far too few programs, schools, and martial arts systems that teach you all that you need to know to be successful in a street survival situation – before, during, “and” after the attack! If you’re serious about learning what you “must” know to survive a real-world attack… then read on!

Close Combat Training: How To Avoid A Violent Attack

Close combat training techniques designed to help you survive against violent attacks on the street. Read this before buying into any self defense training method.

Charmaine Tweet Exclusive Interview Before Her Bout With Ronda Rousey at Hard Knocks Fighting 12

Charmaine “Not So Sweet” Tweet is an accomplished Canadian kickboxer and former student of kickboxing legend Duke Roufus. She faced Olympic Judo medalist Ronda Rousey on June 17, 2011 at School of Hard Knocks 12 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Martial Arts Training – The Truth About Learning to Be a Ninja

A brief introduction into what it takes to become a “ninja.” There is far more to it than fancy footwork and throwing knives. This is an overview of some of the more important mental and personal kills that are required.

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