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Three Judo Mistakes I Make: Osotogari

As I progress with my Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu trials and tribulations, I am becoming proficient enough to understand what I’m doing wrong. I’ll take this as a sign of wisdom and experience, rather than incompetence. Hopefully, sharing my mistakes will help others avoid those mistakes, and speed them along the proper path.

I Just Started Judo and I Need Help! Tips to Improve Your Judo

There are a number if things a beginner can do at judo that will assist in increasing your skill an overall understanding of judo. Judo is a very difficult art and that is why the more you understand judo the easier it is. Here are a few key concepts that will help improve your judo.

Why Good Ninja Gear Is Extremely Important

Martial arts have always intrigued many. Even as years have passed various types of martial arts have remained alive and are part of the everyday lives of many. This is because of their many benefits. Ninjutsu for example or the collection of various techniques and principles of the ninja art, has for many years given entertainment, pleasure, good health, and stronger bodies to many. This is the reason why many are both intrigued and interested in learning more about martial arts, particularly about Ninjutsu. You need not go to the battle fields of Japan as you may enjoy Ninjutsu in your own neighborhood. Look it up online or inquire in your area, there are bound to be a lot of martial arts events in your area. Once you have learned about these events, don’t forget to get the essential ninja gear to get you started.

How Important Is Ninja Clothing While Training

A Ninja in traditional Japanese means “a stealth assassin”. For someone to become a true Ninja Master, you need to undergo a rigorous training so that you can eliminate your assigned target swiftly, discreetly, and in just one lethal blow. One of the things that will support you as a Ninja in doing all of these tasks is wearing the correct Ninja Clothing.

How To Get The Best Ninja Uniforms

A Ninja is silent assassin, a warrior of night. He moves like a cat, without making a sound and can complete his job before you can say “Ninjitsu”. A Ninja uniform must be black coloured that camouflages with the darkness of the night and also, a Ninja in pink wouldn’t look very amusing. Ninja uniform should not be too tight and you can expect it to be too loose either. Unlike a Samurai, foot wear in a Ninja uniform is kept such, that it makes minimum noise when the Ninja walks and lets our man do the job without making any extra noise, there is a sole, but, a very thin one. Most important part of the uniform, is the mask, a ninja uniform must include a mask. Without a mask, one can’t be a Ninja. Ninja uniform is designed in a way, that it doesn’t interferes in the combat, weather it is martial arts or using weapons. A Ninja should wear comfortable clothes, because, his job is not really one of the most comfortable jobs.

In Relation to Kyokushinkai Karate

Kyokushinkai is a Japanese statement meaning “the society of ultimate truth”, (Kyoku = ultimate, Shin = reality or truth and Kai = society or association), as well as the Kyokushinkai type of karate is the largest across the country today. How Kyokushinkai All started Kyokushinkai was founded by Master Mas Oyama, who studied many styles of martial arts and finally formed his own karate technique. It was intended to be a stand-up full contact type of karate, utilising strong force and an effective fighting technique.

Combat Martial Arts Vs. Competition Martial Arts

Most martial arts can be divided into two categories: combat sport, or tournament sport. In the former, combat sports, competition (and often training) is performed as a full-contact fight. The latter, tournament sports, are often practiced without full-force and with more of a focus on technique, precision, and self-improvement.

Learn Krav Maga for Self Defense

Danger lurks in every corner in today’s turbulent time and the best way to deal with it is to ensure that you are adequately armed against miscreants. If you are looking to learn good self defense techniques then this article will be very helpful for you.

Bruce Lee Workouts And How To Build Unbelievable Strength – Part Two

Bruce Lee Workouts resulted in Bruce being able to do massive feats of strength. Here are some.

Finding The Right School For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

It is important that you learn Jiu-Jitsu from a reputed martial arts school. Here are a few criteria to find the right school for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

3 Ways to Develop Punching Speed in Martial Arts

Developing speed will also increase the power that is delivered to your target. This is actually based on a physics formula to discover the amount force delivered from one object to another. So, if your punches become faster, then the amount of damage, you can do also increases.

The Fantastic and Unbelievable Bruce Lee Workout Routine (Part One)

The Bruce Lee workout routine was an incredible feat. Bruce actually did it every single day!

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