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Influence of Filipino Martial Arts on Western Boxing

Before there was Manny Pacquiao here were other Filipinos making a name in western boxing. Filipinos have been in the game of western boxing since the early 1900’s. Since then Filipinos have also helped to revolutionize what is known as western boxing.

What Are the 8 Gates of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) and What Do They Teach Us?

The “Tai Chi Classics” clearly state that tai chi is comprised of the 8 gates and 5 steps. This article will explore the energetic and martial arts aspects of the eight gates: what they are, how they are symbolized and what they teach us. Each of your tai chi moves expresses at least one of the eight gates. If you study the eight gates, you will soon be able to see them hidden within all the tai chi postures and understand their deeper life’s lessons.

Learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Basics

The basic techniques and positions will be the foundation in which the new student learns how to move properly and figures out the details of the positions. The advanced moves will be built from this foundation, but the basics are more than enough to get an individual to an expert level.

How to Get the Most Out of a Martial Arts Training Seminar

Going into a martial arts seminar with the right expectations and attitude will help you get as much out of the experience as possible. Learn some ideas to help you get the most out of participating in a martial arts seminar.

Filipino Martial Arts – Coming to California

Filipino Marital Arts has a long-standing history in the state of California. Sadly, most of its history is undocumented. Most of what is known has been passed down through oral traditions.

Why You Need the “Rooster Stance” Before and After Kicks in Tai Chi Chuan

Tai chi chuan (taijiquan) is comprised of basic footwork with a myriad of possible hand and arm positions. The rooster stance of taiji is underutilized and it’s oft misunderstood. While it is prominent in the posture “Golden Pheasant Stands on One Leg,” it should also be used before and after every kick. Let’s take a look at why this is so.

How To Pick The Right Self Defense Weapons and Targets To Stay Safe

Learn how to avoid getting hurt in a self defense situation by using the right techniques. Also learn which targets to aim for that will prevent you from hurting yourself and give you the best chance to escape to safety.

Martial Arts Myths and Misconceptions

Some of the more popular misconceptions about martial arts. Are black belts really expert? Can you actually kill someone by shoving his/her nosebone to the brain? I’ve written this short list of some of the more popular myths and misconceptions.

How T’ai Chi Helps To Improve Your Health And Lifestyle

In a nutshell, T’ai Chi will keep people actively healthy and happy. It is amazingly effective for easing, stress health and fitness. Besides that, it is fun. Studies have shown that this ability works wonders on health such as conditions relating to arthritis, heart disease, type two diabetes, respiratory diseases and other serious chronic illnesses. In addition, it improves balance, prevents falls, aids proper posture, and helps build immunity to disease, and if that is not enough, this art also counters mental illness, depression and stress. Almost anyone can learn T’ai Chi.

How To Train For The Ancient Art Form Of T’ai Chi For The First Time

Why do you want to learn T’ai Chi? Maybe it’s for your health-physical, mental, or both. Whatever your reason, before you start on your journey of learning, define your goal. That way, you won’t be just doing T’ai Chi, you’ll have something definite to work towards. Be sure to check with your health professional before you start, as well as later if you develop any problem. Think about your reasons for starting T’ai Chi and what you want to achieve.

Tai Chi – Is That Mountain High Enough?

Some time ago I went to the Lake District, Keswick actually. Whilst enjoying the view near the lake I turned round and looked at the hill behind me. I pondered on how much better the view would be if I was on top of that hill looking at the view from that vantage point. So enthused did I become that I felt compelled to climb it to see. So off I went and being a hot and windless day I was soon sweating and out of breath. But I had started and was not about to give up.

BJJ – The Ultimate Bully Prevention Strategy

Discover how to empower your child through martial arts. Brazilian Jiu JItsu is proven to help a child’s confidence and give him/her the necessary tools for life.

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