BEST MMA Rivalries: Alvarez vs Chandler

Mixed Martial Arts Is a Lesson in Humility

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport where you can’t hide behind a good team. It has a way of very quickly stripping a person of his ego and teaching them a lesson in humility.

Why It Is Called Outlaw Karate!

What it is like to be an outlaw in the martial arts? People don’t like you. Oh well.

The Most Important Part of Your Tai Chi Training

There’s an old Taoist saying: “Doing nothing, accomplishing everything.” One of the most important training exercises in Tai Chi Chuan appears very simple. It’s called Zhan Zhuang — translated as “standing like a post,” or as it is simply called in the West, “Standing Stake.

Three Reasons Why In Combat Aikido Isn’t Functional

Three reasons Aikido is not street ready. Knowing the three reasons is half the solution.

Speed Is Important in MMA Fights

When it comes to any fighting or combat sport, one of the more important factors to you is speed. Speed is something that you can work on and improve.

Running Is Key for Endurance in Fights

Having great endurance is paramount when it comes to any combat sport. Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are where it is absolutely paramount that you have good conditioning and endurance.

Crazy Ways to Increase Speed for MMA

When it comes to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) there is nothing more damaging in a fight than a fast fighter. Powerful fighters are fun to watch but if they can’t connect they are not deadly, fast fighters will get in and out before you even know what is going on.

Mixed Martial Arts Workout – Why It Is Crucial To Find The Best One

A mixed martial arts workout is not an easy workout routine to put together and there are several reasons for this. When choosing a MMA workout, there are a few crucial factors to take into consideration. What do you want from your mixed martial arts workout?

3 Core Ways to Reduce Skin Infections in Jiu Jitsu

Being a grappler as you know, you come in in contact with other people and unfortunately you come in contact with other people’s personal hygiene. When you bow the mat and step on for the 1st training session of the night, you come with an assumption that your training partners have washed their gi’s and maintained their hygiene to the utmost detail. Well, that may not always be the case.

Advantages of Having a Good Grip in Jiu Jitsu

When talking about conditioning in the sport of Jiu Jitsu, it is widely know that, more often than not, strength is not used as a necessary means of controlling an opponent. As we know, it was invented as a way for the smaller, weaker person, to survive an attack. But the evolution of the sport has brought about competition between practitioners, who over time, have incorporated the use of strength when controlling the gi.

Why GSP Will Beat Koscheck at UFC 124

Once Georges St. Pierre determines that Koscheck has been sufficiently softened up, he will go for the takedown. In most cases St-Pierre has used his wrestling to gain the strike advantage but in this fight he will use his striking first and his wrestling to follow-up.

How To Spot A Real Street Fighter

One of the easiest ways to spot a real aggressor is how he places his weight. The average person that starts conflict often is just angry with themselves and they just take this anger out on others. BUT they don’t really want to fight they rely on the other person backing down. This makes them feel big and they might carry that false victory in their mind till the next time. It allows them to fill their personal feeling of inadequacy for a short time. Makes them feel like somebody. We’ve all met this character!

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