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Finding Quality Samurai Swords For Your Collection

Individuals who are interested in collecting weaponry or swords of feudal Japan would like to invest in the opportunity of the samurai swords. These highly popular swords are an incredible representation of Japanese history and offer the high-level of quality that went into weapon development. When looking for the possibilities which exist with samurai swords for sale, ensure you take the time in identifying the quality.

Martial Arts Mats – A Guide To Buy Them Easily!

If you are pursuing quality martial arts mats then t is time to read this article without any delay. It’s because you have to understand each and everything of a mat that can be used in the gymnasium for the better protection of floor and the players. So, read the whole post and spend your valuable time here because it is better to know more about something rather than spending a lot of money and suffer the consequences after everything has been done in a wrong way. Feel free to read the whole post because the tips and techniques are exclusive and invaluable.

Mental Discipline Through Hitting the Mat

At class the other night, we were practicing air falls. First students were doing them by themselves, and then they were performing the falls with the assistance of a partner who performed an outer wrist lock or other similar technique, enabling the execution of an air fall to be easier. For those not familiar with air falls, they are the falls where a person flips through the air before slamming down on the mat. People who are excellent at air falls, help make the person executing the technique look good. When you watch a movie, note that the reason the hero looks so cool is because of the hours of hard training and hitting the mat the person taking the fall has put in. The point here however, is the comment one of the students made while we were practicing these falls. He jokingly said, “It’s a wonder anyone practices hapkido.” And I agree, the repetitive hitting the floor when practicing falls, throws, or joint locking techniques does keep some people away from this self-defense oriented art. But it is also what helps toughen a person up and assist with the development of mental discipline.

How To Unconsciously Perform Martial Arts Techniques

It’s not unusual after a martial art tournament bout or mixed martial art competition, for a competitor to not really remember what he or she did to win the match. If asked about the details of the match, it is doubtful the competitor will be able to remember and articulate how various kicking, striking, grappling combination’s, submissions, reversals, and counters weaved together to make up the entire fight. In fact, it might even be difficult to discern the winning technique or combination from the rest of the bout. It seems like the winner just unconsciously performed the martial arts techniques needed to win, and in fact, performing martial arts techniques unconsciously is one of the goals of training. This is because with enough training, what a person does in a fight becomes automatic, and is more subliminal and not necessarily conscious effort. It’s not magical, it’s just how we humans are programed to learn specific actions.

Kung Fu Body Conditioning – Traditional Training for Endurance and Power

“Kung Fu Body Conditioning: Traditional Training for Endurance and Power” is a new DVD instructional program produced by YMAA that features Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming and the students of the YMAA Retreat Center’s ten-year kung fu training program. In this DVD, various body conditioning exercises are demonstrated and explained. I am a firm believer in the advancements in science and thus, physical training strategies and technologies that have allowed for not only safer training, but also for greater physical accomplishments both on professional levels and for those who train at home for personal benefit. However, I also believe in some of the traditional training methods that have produced results for not just years, but sometimes centuries. This 240 minute DVD program provides a lot of information, for anyone who wishes to incorporate traditional body-conditioning methods into their training program to strengthen bones, joints, and muscles to develop speed, root, and explosive power without injury as Chinese martial artists have been doing for generations.

How to Get Real Power

There are a number of misconceptions within martial arts on how to build power. One of the main ones concerns the use of muscular strength when delivering strikes. Experience shows me that strikes delivered in this manner are rarely powerful.

Kung Fu: Not Just Movie Magic

There’s a lot more to Kung Fu that flying through the air. In fact, few people understand the many faces of this ancient art. Here’s an up close view from a long-time teacher.

Masakatsu Funaki

Before the Ultimate Fighting Championship, There was Pancrase. Before Royce Gracie and indeed the whole Gracie family introduced Mixed Martial Arts to North America, Japan was lucky enough to have Masakatsu Funaki. In 1993, at the young age of 24, Funaki and Minoru Suzuki founded the Pancrase organization, bringing some of the greatest fighters to light.

How To Learn Martial Arts Online

The Internet has brought with it many exciting advantages and none more so than Learning Martial Arts Online. It’s now even easier to access Martial Arts information at home than it has been at any other time in our history.

Gaining the MMA Fight by Means of Koral and Also the Companies of Fighting Gears

MMA is produced well-known not merely from the fighters who indicate their skills within fighting although to the clothing pieces as well as fighting gears that made them stand out in every fight. Koral is one of the acquainted names within the MMA mainly because it supplies with array of Kimono as well as fighting uniforms for martial artists.

Bad Boy MMA – What Makes MMA the Most Thrilling Fight Game?

Bad Boy MMA continues to amaze the market place by offering a number of their latest and also innovative styles. A lot of people today are constantly in search of new styles of t-shirts as well as other clothes apparel because it makes them appear cooler and it also gives them the self-confidence.

Advanced Ninjutsu Technique – The Ninja’s Science of Beating Your Opponent’s Throws

At a certain point in your ninpo-taijutsu training, you must leave behind the need to cling to step-by-step kata (“prearranged technique examples”) and the beginner forms of the skills that you were introduced to when you began your training. Advanced ninjutsu technique training requires that you focus more on concepts and strategic control, rather than the preset, “official” forms that ego likes to grasp – as though these beginner models actually define the ability to actually be able to defend yourself against a brutal assailant in the first place! The focus of this article is to take a look at the phases that make up a throw. But, rather than look at a throw from the perspective of “you” doing it, today’s lesson is about countering your opponent’s attempt to throw you!

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