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The Fun of Shin Kicks

Shin kicks are an underutilized kick that should be in everyone’s arsenal. Therefore, this article educates people to why they should use them and what to do once they have landed the kick in a real fight.

Why Segmentation of Prospects Is Important in Kickboxing

The worst thing martial artists do to themselves is try to be everything to everyone. The worst thing they do to themselves after that is not have a good system for weeding out bad clients before they get into the main system. A client who is properly trained in what to expect and how they will be taught is worth 10 prospects that a person could find on the street.

Set Up Your Judo Throws – With A Different Throw

Too often, we get stuck while grappling because we don’t have a plan to follow, and know what to do when our plan doesn’t work out. Start thinking about how techniques flow together, and you’ll never find yourself stuck when a feint or attempt doesn’t come to fruition. Use the example given in this article for how Judo throws can be chained together to expand your entire martial arts arsenal!

The Top 5 Greatest Wrestlers In MMA History

There have been many great wrestlers come into MMA and dominate the sports with their brute strength and explosiveness. Among those wrestlers, there are five who can be considered as the best of all time in MMA history. They are the best because they have set the standards for today’s wrestlers who want to compete in MMA and they are also known for raising the bar even higher each time they perform.

Super-Setting Your MMA Workouts

One of the better sports specific MMA workouts to do is super-setting. When most people start out weightlifting they tend to use the straight set method where they perform one set for a specific number of repetitions. Then take a short break and repeat. While this method is perfectly fine, I’d like to introduce you to the concept of “super-setting.”

Basic MMA Workouts

Getting into MMA training means you have to be prepared physically and mentally. This is because this type of martial art requires a lot from one’s body. Just like in any other sport, this martial art would include workouts in every training session, preparing and conditioning your body as well as your mind for more intense trainings ahead.

An Introduction to the Basic Forms of Kicks in Taekwondo

Kicks in Taekwondo form one of the major parts of learning and training in this martial art form. Some of the basics kicking techniques which are commonly taught in taekwondo schools include the snap kick, the side thrust, the reverse and the round kicks as well as the jump kicks and the flying kicks.

MMA Workout Tips – Incorporating Circuit Training

Circuit training is a good exercise to incorporate into your MMA workout sessions. By conducting circuit training, you will be able to work on your strength and on your cardio conditioning at the same time. Circuit training will also help you to burn a significant amount of calories as an additional benefit.

A History of Muay Thai Boxing

A brief History of the development of Muay Thai Boxing. How and why the sport began and how it spread to become an internationally practised combat art.

The Next Level Is Always the Most Important Level in Martial Arts

The next belt or rank is always motivating. However, a person should learn internal motivation to keep them going and to keep them getting better when all the belts and ranks are achieved. This is the only way to stay in a martial art for the long term and develop skills that are phenomenal.

How To Escape From The Armbar

One of the most common yet also the most dangerous submission techniques in MMA is the armbar. Most Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specialists can easily apply the armbar especially on opponents who have lack ground fighting skills. Therefore, if you want to survive or to win a fight against a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specialist, then learning on how to escape the armbar is crucial.

Why Kickboxing Is the Launching Pad to Bigger and Better Martial Arts Skills for Women

Kickboxing is the gateway to all the skills a woman needs to defend herself. Therefore, a woman should never hesitate to join a kickboxing class, and find out if that class is right for them.

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