Bellator Champions – 2021 Year In Review | Episode 2

Rules and Weigh Classes For MMA

While Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a growing sport there are many people out there that still don’t fully understand some parts of it. They might not know that there are many different weight classes and that in fact there are rules that must be followed at all times.

Google Your Opponent Before a Fight

There are many things that a fighter has to do before his fight. Many of these things are not seen by the public at large.

Mistakes Made in Training Can Hurt You

There are many mistakes that new and amateur fights make when they start to learn Mixed Martial Arts(MMA). These mistakes can be very costly to an individual and can lead them to get very hurt in their competitions.

Rest Your Body Before a MMA Fight

Many amateur fighters get nervous before their matches. The reason for this is that they are not yet used to competing and will place a lot of importance on a single fight.

Avoid Getting Hurt With MMA

When it comes to any fighting sports, there are quite a few ways for you to get yourself hurt. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is no different.

7 Tips to Avoid Injury Doing MMA

Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) is a full contact sport. Since it is a contact sport, injuries do happen. There are many times bones will be broken, bruises will form, or people will get concussions.

Who Will Win UFC 124? Will It Be St Pierre or Koscheck?

George St. Pierre will face his worst enemy in the Octagon and outside it this coming 11th of December 2010 in the person of Josh Koscheck. This epic fight will happen in George St. Pierre’s hometown at Quebec, Canada at the Montreal Bell Centre.

Three Reasons Classical Karate Techniques Don’t Work, and What To Do About It!

I’m going to tell you three reasons exactly why Classical Karate Techniques Don’t Work. Some of these reasons you’re going to be able to fix. Some of them you’re not.

Martial Arts Tips – Fighting Using Pressure Points

Kyusho Jitsu or the art of using pressure points or vital points is the subject of this article. You can guess that by the title, eh? There are about 108 pressure points used in the martial arts. The points can correspond to the Meridians of Chinese Medicine, Yin/yang, Times of the Shichen, elements theory, or they can be related to the location of blood vessels and nerve channels.

Martial Arts Self Defense Techniques – 3 Open Hand Self-Defense Techniques To Defend Yourself

Punches and kicks are the “darlings” when learning or watching self-defense techniques. Boxing, MMA and most tournament style martial arts competitions thrive on punches and kicks. Nevertheless, open hand strikes can be more effective in many fighting defense situations and especially for women’s self-defense. Open handed strikes are so effective and so potentially lethal that they are banned in many competitive sports. In this article I will concentrate on three open handed personal protection strikes.

The Real Reason Mankind Should Pursue Martial Arts Instruction

There is actually one reason for studying the martial arts, which makes a more powerful human being, for studying the martial arts. I rarely hear anybody speak of this reason.

Defend Yourself – Are You Training to Break Your Hand In A Real World Self Defense Situation?

If you’re training to defend yourself in a real-world, self defense street attack, I have a questions for you. Are you training to punch your assailant in the face as a part of your martial arts training? Sounds like a stupid question, doesn’t it. Perhaps I should have asked the question differently. Perhaps I should have asked this question instead…

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