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5 Main Benefits Of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a martial art that has developed its roots from several different fighting styles such as Thai boxing, traditional boxing, and karate. It can be both done as a competitive and combat of sport and also as a cardiovascular exercise routine. This latter option is one that provides numerous benefits for someone who wants to enjoy the exercise without being involved in the competitive element. Let’s consider a few of the primary advantages of kickboxing.

Muscle Fiber Types and MMA, BJJ Training

There are three primary types of muscle fibers. Each type has different abilities. For BJJ and mixed martial arts, MMA for short, certain muscle fibers are more predominately used. By the use of proper training a person will condition those muscle fibers best geared towards MMA fights.

UFC 123 Results

Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest growing sports in America. This is a review on UFC 123.

Learn Self Defense – It May Save Your Life!

Self Defense can come in a variety of ways. Many folks take up a martial art in hopes of learning to defend themselves while others opt for a “self defense class”. But are martial arts self-defense oriented and are self-defense classes worth your time and effort.

Why Open Hand Strikes Are Better Than Fists

Many people are under the impression that in a fight, the best thing to do with your hands is to ball them up into fists. This idea is so common that we use the phrase “fist fight.” However, in reality, open hand strikes can be more effective fighting tools than fists in almost any situation. This is why open hands are used in martial arts styles such as Kun Tao, Pentjak Silat, and Combat Tai Chi.

Martial Arts Styles and Techniques

Different martial art styles located under the same art, different arts in the same culture, different cultures have differing martial arts. Or do they? Different styles under the same art such as karate: you have Shotokan, Wado Ryu, Shotokai, Goju, Kyokushinkai, Shorin Ryu, Shorin Ji Kempo and on and on.

Positive Benefits of MMA for Kids

There are many studies around that show the positive benefits of having your kids play a sport growing up. It helps to make them a well-rounded person by teaching them how to be a team player, be social and to develop a healthy competitive drive in them.

Finding a Martial Arts Gym

When you want to study a martial art it is very important that you find a gym that matches what you are a looking for. There are many different types of martial arts studios and they are not all created equal.

Mad Monkey Kung Fu and the Hardest Punch in the World!

A gem of a training trick right out of the movies! I couldn’t believe how well it worked!

A Martial Artist’s Guide to Teaching Basic Women’s Self Defense

We have a multitude of weapons at our disposal. I would teach the basic use of those weapons. Palm heel strikes, knee strikes, elbow strikes, head butts, and eye gouges. I would teach them how to spit and how to scream like a wounded bear. I would teach them to scream only one word – FIRE!

MMA Equipment and Clothing – Where to Buy the Newest and Best MMA Gear

Tips on choosing the best MMA fighter gear. How to choose the essential sparring gear for mixed martial arts.

Colorado MMA – 10 Things You Might Not Know About Nathan Marquardt

Nathan Marquardt has been a great representative for the face of Colorado MMA in recent years. Here are 10 things you might not know about the 3 time Pancrase champion.

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