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How Does Karate Build Self-Discipline?

When talking about Karate to the uninitiated, I always highlight the importance of Respect and Self-Discipline. More often than not, particularly when I am talking to parents of young children and teenagers, I am asked the question; “How do you teach respect and self-discipline? We’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.”

Martial Arts – You Need To Fail

The martial arts it seems has answers that adolescents are in need of today. With resilience at an all time low, giving our young the ability to persevere through difficulty is a skill that is as high a priority as an academic education.

Is Chris Weidman Vs Anderson Silva 3 A Good Idea?

Should Anderson Silva be able to defeat Nick Diaz at UFC 183 in January, should Silva be looking at seeking a 3rd fight with the UFC’s current middleweight champ Chris Weidman? There’s already been some talk in the air from both Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. Silva saying that he is indeed looking forward to a 3rd fight with Chris, and Weidman stating that a 3rd fight with Anderson would be an “easy payday”.

Fighting Devil Dogs Hot and Heavy on Martial Arts

The Marine Corps not only have a few good men, they are bent on improving them with high class martial arts. Read about MCMAP, the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

The Origins of Budokan Karate

Every branch of martial arts has a fascinating story behind it. When it comes to the individual histories of each self-defense art form currently in existence, few are perhaps more interesting than the story of a young weightlifter, who found himself gravitating towards the world of martial arts.

Shaolin Kempo – 4 Combination Martial Arts

The martial art practiced by monks has always been a source of fascination for most people. This is why it isn’t surprising to find Shaolin Kempo Karate or SKK a popular choice for those who want to learn self-defense. Hailing from the offensive and defensive styles of monks, Shaolin Kempo Karate is currently being taught in many Western Gyms and dojos.

Slap Boxing – The Friendly Quasi-Martial Art

Slap boxing is well known within the sport of boxing and as the name implies, it is a variation of boxing with the fist kept open to ‘slap’ the opponent. The result is a more toned down form of fighting with the slaps inciting pain but not causing massive damage compared to closed fists.

Kalaripayattu – Martial Art Evolving From War

Dubbed as the “Mother of All Martial Arts,” it’s easy to see why the Kalaripayattu discipline endures to this day. There are actually many variants to this style of fighting, depending on exactly where it is being practiced. Read on for more details on this martial art.

Sport Boxing – One of the Oldest Forms of Combat

Although there are several types of boxing, sport boxing is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word said. Essentially, boxing involves fist fighting or punching with the hands covered in gloves. As the name implies, sport boxing is considered a sport and is even included in the Olympics.

Bartitsu – Gentlemen Fighting

Bartitsu is dubbed as ‘gentlemen fighting’ for a very good reason – it was the main form of martial arts practiced by men in the Victorian era. A combination of different forms of self-defense, the discipline became so popular in London that even the author of Sherlock Holmes had the detective practicing the martial arts.

The Martial Art Styles of Action Movie Stars

In recent times, the beautifully choreographed fight scenes are preferred over characterization of artists or stories which include a complex plot. These films mainly focus on fights among the characters where the hero is often a trained martial artist or one who has undergone rigorous training for the role.

Debunking The Myths Of Self-Training

There are many different views with any one topic, so why would martial arts training be any different? When it comes to training nearly everyone has their own ideas, opinions and theories about what is best. None generate such heated debates and get such great downplay as that of self-training. In this article we will be clearing out the webs of deliberate deceit involving training oneself.

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