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Is It Possible to Win A Fight Without Striking?

Talk to most people about fighting and whether or not they know how to, and you’ll find that they talk about striking most often. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with striking when you’re defending yourself, but if you’re only going to train within the world of strikes, you are going to miss out on the complete picture of self-defense.

The Reasons Why Training Matters In All Martial Arts

Coaches use the same analogies a lot. They talk about training hard, practicing, and players either listen or they become lazy. The same happens in martial arts time and time again. Any discipline you can think of comes with a lot of training, and even masters of 30 or 40 years of practice are still learning and progressing with the craft. If you ask them why they train, they’ll give you a variety of reasons, and it’s the same thing that echoes in the locker rooms of professional sports, high school sports, and even the Olympics. There are reasons why you need to train, as it matters deeply how and why you do it.

The Mental Side of Martial Arts

There are a lot of books that can show you form, style, and even teach you how to punch someone so hard that they are knocked out cold. That’s not the real lesson of martial arts training in any sense. Sure, those elements can be used to show you how to defend yourself, but there is a larger picture that encompasses the tradition, training and methods that push fighters across the world.

4 Reasons Children Should Learn Martial Arts

Children more than ever before need more stimulation. If you look across the landscape today, you will find that children more than ever before are watching television, focusing on tablets, playing video games and are not exercising or even moving often. With some schools even taking recess away from students, you’ll find that kids today need something that will give them some activity and training that will help in all aspects of life.

Martial Arts Lore That Will Inspire You

There are plenty of people that will laugh at you when you speak about some of the lore of martial arts. Kung fu cinema has really lent itself to the many problems associated within this world and it’s funny to note. There are some things that are absolutely true, however, and they have been proven time and time again.

Martial Arts and Respect – What Not To Do

When you train for any discipline under the banner of martial arts, you will no longer put yourself first. In fact, part of the training is about defending yourself, but more so about defending those who cannot defend themselves.

Exploring More Kung Fu Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions about kung fu, and martial arts as a whole. You are going to run into them a lot when you begin to train at any level. You may already have some in mind, and it’s funny to see and hear people talk about them. In order to dispel some of these, you’ll want to look at the following myths that keep being pushed by popular culture and then realize that they’re simply not true.

3 Ways To Get The Most Out of Martial Arts

Once you start taking lessons and training with martial arts, you will find that it can be hard to get to the next level. Some people take a few casual classes and eventually drop off. For those that aren’t really seeking a temporary learning experience, but rather a life long journey, there are a few ways that you can get the most out of this type of training and methods.

3 Reasons To Never Quit Martial Arts Training

It happens all the time, people become disillusioned with their martial arts training and they eventually just give up. This happens in more than just this type of world, it happens with those trying to lose weight, those that have a hobby, and in general.

3 Reasons Adults Should Learn Martial Arts

Everyone should train with martial arts. Much like everyone should eat well, exercise, and respect others, everyone should focus on learning how this world can offer so many great benefits. If you have been debating whether or not you want to go forward with learning any discipline in the fighting world, you may be surprised by the reasons why you should join up a school or start doing some progressive sequences.

Sumo: Made for the Large and Disciplined

You’ve probably seen the big sumo wrestler suits at fairs and carnivals. In western culture, sumo wrestling has a comical reputation; but in Japan, it’s a professional sport, and serious business.

Mongolian Wrestling: Ancient and Modern

Mongolian wrestling is a past time for the Mongols of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. The Mongolian word is BΓΆkh, which means “durability.” The Mongols have a cultural set of skills, called the “Three Manly Skills”, and wrestling tops the list.

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