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Knife to Throat, A Misconception

In this article the author looks at a classic method of attack and examines its actual danger. The veracity of this attack and its result are discussed.

9 Simple Lessons I Learned From The Martial Arts

Having grown up in the Martial Arts since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I have learned amazing lessons that can be applied to multiple facets of life. I would like to share those with you.

Training Through an Injury, Is It Possible?

Just like with any physical activities, BJJ and Muay Thai carry the potential of being injured when you train. Inevitably most students of the martial arts suffer from an injury on some level. Whether it’s small or severe in nature injuries can impede our progress or worse cause many to quit all together.

Absorb What Is Useful: Mixing Your Arts

“Research your own experience. Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is essentially your own.” -Bruce Lee – Bruce Lee believed not only that styles separate us, but that only learning from one experience may limit your thinking rather than having a broad sense of the arts.

Is It Magic Or Does It Hold Up Your Pants: Behind The Luster Of The Black Belt

What is so magical about a black belt? Is it interesting to note that there are almost twice as many “black belt degrees” then there are colored ranking belts in most systems? Maybe a belt is simply just a belt.

Escape To Gain Safety

This is the second of three articles on Women’s Self-Defense. This Article looks at how to handle yourself if you were unlucky enough to be a victim of an attack. With the tips and information in this article you can Escape To Gain Safety

How To Select The Right Self Defense Training For Street Survival

SELF DEFENSE – In the Real World – Self-defense is, for the common man and woman at least, perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of all martial training today. Why you ask well, self-defense is not a martial art. There is usually nothing wrong with the techniques and concepts presented in many martial arts schools – except that you must have skills of Bruce Lee, not to mention a lot of luck, to execute them in a real fight.

Not The Strong Or Cunning: The Adaptable Survive

Many have heard the phrase ‘only the strong survive’ and although it is more common for the stronger to prevail more frequently, ultimately the ones who survive are the ones who adapt. We find that this is true not just of species but of arts as well.

Slow Is Smooth: The Basics of Mastery

Throughout history, we see something similar in all who have achieved greatness; often overlooked, yet ferociously sought after by recruits of every sport. What do Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali & Bruce Lee have in common? The answer lies in repetition, attention to detail and a twisted obsession with the basics.

Combat Tai Chi: The Importance Of The Subconscious And Flowing Transtitional Moves

There are two very important aspects needed to really fight with Tai Chi; the subconscious mind and the ability to flow from one part of any move to one part of any other move. Tai Chi fights very ‘Free Form’ because that’s what a real fight is like. You cannot move, or fight, in any type of ‘box.’ Read more to learn how to develop the ability to seamlessly flow from one part of any move to another part of any move and the important part the subconscious mind plays in your development as a Tai Chi Student

How Combat Tai Chi Is Always Positioned To Strike First Being Nowhere And Everywhere Simultaneously

Combat Tai Chi Secrets: How to learn to move to have your attack and your defense occur simultaneously. Being nowhere and everywhere is how Tia Chi neutralizes an attack while simultaneously delivering an attack. Read more about how the offense and defense of Tai Chi are both contained within each simple movement.

Don’t Be Prey

This is the first of articles on Women’s Self-Defense. This series will look at the reality of violence, the wealth of misinformation, and equip you to handle the reality of a brutal street attack.

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