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Black Belt Discipline And How To Get It

Attaining your black belt can be a daunting undertaking. Read this article, apply the advice provided, and give yourself the edge.

A Masters Wisdom Applied In Today’s Crazy World

Your body is a weapon. Sure you’ve heard this before, but this article advises on some fairly unorthodox methods to use everything at your disposal.

Judge Not, And Ye Shall Not Be Thrashed

There are many lessons a student of the martial arts learns along the way. One of the most important lessons is never assuming, or pre-judging an opponent. Read this article for insights on why this is a critical lesson.

The Role Of Humility

Few qualities that a black belt can possess are as important as humility. This article explores the idea and explains why.

The Most Important Self-Defense Skill

One of the most important skills to develop in your self-defense training isn’t even a physical one. It is the strategy that can be remembered as “The Three A’s.” Read this article to learn them now.

The Cornered Leopard Yawns

There are predictable physiological changes that occur under the stress of a physical altercation. Knowing, and understanding them will give you the advantage.

How to Make Karate Into Kung Fu

Know a system of Karate? Want to learn a system of Kung Fu? How about just adapting what you know and making your own Kung Fu style? Here are the simple directions.

Self Defense: Your Global Approach

Self defense is so much more than learning to block a punch, or kick. This article covers one aspect of your global, or all-encompassing approach to defending yourself, and your family.

How Is Your Martial Attitude?

A proper attitude is so important in so many things we do in life. In the martial arts, the correct attitude is critical. Read on to discover why.

Put The Act Back In Distraction

“I was walking to my car, and he just came out of nowhere. He grabbed me, and assaulted me.” How many times have you heard the story of the lady that was walking down the street, and out of nowhere, she is attacked?

7 Tried And True Methods To Stick With The Plan Till You Reach Your First Dan

The goal of attaining black belt is a fantastic one. This article gives you the top 7 ways to stick with it, until you are finally wearing that black belt.

Martial Arts Training: How to Stretch Properly for Better Flexibility

Golden rules for a proper stretching session. How to train to get Van Damme level kicks and splits. Following what are your body capabilities you can learn how to improve them.

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