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Dragon and Snake: Kung Fu Connections!

The Shaolin Kung Fu Maxim: ‘Do not despise the humble Snake, one-day he may become a strong and mighty Dragon!’ deserves further explanation. In Shaolin Kung Fu, beginners may be considered ‘Snakes’ and required to undertake Snake-related training to learn key skills. Lacking limbs, Snakes depend entirely in Internal Energies for motion and are thus potent symbols of Qi and Qi-training, which begins at this stage

The Martial Arts Of Kung Fu

Kung Fu is one of the oldest martial arts that has flourished in China. According to some Martial arts historians, it can be traced back from an Indian Brahmin who came to China and taught the Buddhist monks who were being harassed defenselessly by the marauding dacoits.

Using “Dirty Boxing” for Self-Defense

To save your life in a violent attack, the limited weapons and targets of conventional boxing can be opened up to include what could be considered “dirty” or combat boxing tactics, yet still use the closed fist. In addition, developed tactile sensitivity (as used in martial arts like tai chi) can enhance your offense and defense at close range.

Tapering for a Judo Competition

You must taper for a judo competition if you want to perform to the best of your ability. There are a few keys aspects to tapering, these include: choosing a competition, dieting, judo training, physical trainingย and mental preparation.

Great Cross Training Activities for Judo

When I am tired or close to be over trained or burnt out I usually don’t want to go to training. There are few things I can do instead that will benefit my Judo without having to go to Judo. These include…

How to Improve Your Punching and Kicking Power

Delivering power is, or should be, a fundamental objective for any martial artist, regardless of which style they follow. A combination of well executed techniques may look great, but without power the combination is just about useless. So, how do you generate power?

Cultivating the Courage of a Warrior

The cultivation of courage comes with facing our fears head on. Each time we face our fears and work through them we develop a mental muscle inside of ourselves. Through physical development we gain mental and emotional strength. And in developing all three, the physical, mental, and emotional, we develop the spiritual courage of a warrior.

Self Discipline From Martial Arts

Over the years I have developed such a love for Karate and Kung Fu because of the many lessons I have learned about my own character development. One of the greatest gifts I have been given is the development of self discipline from martial arts.

Karate Sparing Gear For Your Kid’s Protection

During summer season or break, one of the most exciting activities that most teenagers and kids are in to is getting themselves involved in different activities and sports to keep them active such as swimming, martial arts, music, and etc., where they also need to have protective gears for protection like the karate sparing gear if they are interested in martial arts. Engaging in different active sports will keep your children busy and there would be no room for boredom.

Easy Steps On How To Increase Your Striking Power And Strength In Martial Arts Training

Best training methods for increasing power and flexibility in your chosen martial arts. Great information for beginners and advanced students in the world of martial arts.

The Right MMA Diet For a Beginner and For Those Looking to Win Fights!

A strong and healthy body is the key to success in Mixed Martial Arts sport. Having the optimum body weight is needed to gain optimal positional advantage over your opponent. Mixed Martial Arts is a complex contact sport so, the body of an MMA fighter must be prepared.

MMA Workouts for Beginners!

Without even realizing it people are attracted towards martial arts and they are developing love of the sport as well.ย  As a result many people are beginning to use MMA workouts to get in shape and attempt to look like their favorite fighter (George St. Pierre, GSP for short is the physique that most emulate).

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