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A Knight’s Sword – The Collecting of Medieval Swords Is a Fun Hobby and a Reminder of the Dark Ages

Medieval swords have fascinated people for many years. New as well as experienced collectors are always seeking new additions to their collections. While there are several distinct types of swords accessible for you to collect, the medieval sword is handsome and will continue to carry it’s own as an in demand collectable.

Kyusho – Taking the Mystery Out of Pressure Point Combat

Have you ever heard martial artists refer to “Chi”, “Death touch”, “Pressure points”, or “Dim mak”? Although it seems mysterious and is shrouded in misunderstanding, this topic is very relevant, legitimate, and effective. I will discuss some aspects of this topic and dispel some of the myths and misconceptions that are sometimes propagated. My intent is not to thoroughly discuss every aspect of internal energy and its usefulness in self defense, but just to provide an introduction to this topic.

5 Ways to Get Better at Judo

5 ways to get better at judo. Have a good gi: I always encourage judoka to invest in a good gi. Don’t go with a no name brand, but buy a well known gi brand, such as Mizuno. A judo gi is like a good suit, when you wear it you feel good and it is nice to feel good.

I Sing The Karate Body Electric, But There Are People That Don’t Like It!

Many people think karate, and the martial arts in general, are thuggish practices, nothing but trash talk and posturing. Here is the counter to that opinion.

Where To Find Martial Arts Supplies

So, you’ve decided you are going to learn martial arts, and now, you need to get the proper supplies! Let’s review some of the best places to get equipment for martial arts, tae kwondo, brazilian ju jitsu, krav maga, boxing, and kick boxing. We will take a look at the different forms, and what the best equipment is for each one, and where to get it!

Should MMA Be Considered a Martial Arts Style?

Mixed martial artists are athletes that combine different martial arts styles in order to become an all around fighter. Up until recent years there was no specific training for MMA and fighters had to train in different “dojos” in order to learn specific martial arts. But with more and more gyms offering specific training I’d say it is only right to say MMA is now an individual martial art style.

The Secret to Getting Your Black Belt the Fastest Way Possible

Every time a new martial arts movie comes out, you will find many people running to enroll in martial arts classes, expecting that they are going to be able to do the same moves they saw in the movie right away. What many people do not realize is that it can take many years to get to this level of expertise in martial arts, and that there is a lot of hard work that goes into achieving a black belt in any type of martial art.

How to Bully Proof Your Child

There is something that has been going in schoolyards as long as kids have been going to school, and it is a tradition that needs to be stopped. At one time, bullying was not thought of as anything serious, just kids being kids. In many instances, bullying has been encouraged by parents and other authority figures throughout the years.

Muay Thai for Boxing Conditioning

Striking with the cliched fist is a natural form of combat and therefore boxing conditioning. Whilst this should be the cornerstone of training we must not forget other forms of combat fitness which can be utilised. In this article we describe the usage of practical Muay Thai for your fitness training benefits. Muay Thai is a traditional form of combat and is both a recognised competitive sport and martial art. Muay (pronounced mwuay) in Thai language is translated to boxing; therefore Muay Thai essentially is Thai boxing. Muay Thai differs from other forms of kickboxing in that it will utilise eight striking weapons in punching, elbows, knees and kicks (American Kickboxing will strike with punch and kick, and Japanese Kickboxing punch, kick and knee). This therefore makes Muay Thai the ideal supplement to boxing performance and conditioning, as the additional strikes will not only take you out of your comfort zone, but will also bring in extra elements of lower body strength, core conditioning, mobility and coordination.

Karate’s Secret Weapon of Mass Destruction!

The word knuckle duster and close combat in the form of punching and kicking conjures up in some peoples mind a bygone past of street gangs, punch ups, yes, hand-to-hand-combat, pugilism, bare-knuckle boxing, street brawls, beer taverns and houses of ill repute. Scenes that where a commonย site at that time in most European cities. Sounds rather familiar doesn’t it?

How to Dramatically Increase Your Speed and Power Through Superior Body Mechanics

We have all seen the remarkable power that professional martial artists are able to produce. It has always been attributed to years of dedication and training. However, based on the science of body mechanics and concepts in physics, there are a few theories on how we are able to generate these high speed and power in our strikes.

Beginning Aikido Over Fifty

Thinking of learning a martial art, but concerned about the rigors? Aikido may be the perfect choice – you can be as physically rigorous as you want, while still gaining benefit of the principles of this activity. Learning the techniques of attack and being attacker give great insight into life. Read more now about my adventures.

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