WEC 53: The Final Show

We will discuss the final show of the WEC. WEC 53 featured Benson Henderson vs Anthony Pettis for the WEC lightweight championship. It was a great night of fights that finished with Pettis as champ.

Some Basic Principles Of Personal Defense

Violent crimes are possible only when victims lack the ability to defend themselves. Those victims who fight back make the entire business of violence impractical. Those who fight back may suffer for it however; they also retain their self-dignity.

Overall Benefits Of Learning Karate

The true origin of karate was in the Southern Chinese martial arts and Okinawa combat techniques. It is a fusion of both forms of art and was introduced in Japan in the year 1921. During that time karate was commonly known as “Te” (hand), a name used by the Okinawas. Later on it came to be known as “Tang hand” (Chinese Hand).

Kung Fu Eye-Training – ‘Ienshu’ (Eye-Arts)

The eyes are the foremost and most used of all the organs of perception and thus the most useful for the Martial Artist to train. The following article details an easy-to-learn fundamental drill to enhance peripheral vision once its underlying principles are understood. Eye-arts (or ‘Ienshu’) provide an invisible advantage in confrontation and combat with particular regard to hand and weapon technique.

What to Look for in a Pair of MMA Board Shorts?

GO back in time 10 years in the UK and finding a pair of MMA board or fight shorts was to say the least difficult. Most MMA fighters at the time were using surf based gear such as Quiksilver or O’Neill (rash guards too!) Who’d have thought there would be such a market in MMA shorts now!

Three Reasons Why Youngsters Need To Learn Silat Seriously.

Silat is one of the co-curriculum activities in Malaysian schools that allow a student to train martial art outside school hours. However, the silat guru is an outsider (not school staff) that qualified to teach the silat lessons within the school compound. Thus, it is privileges to school students to learn silat in school compare to the old system that only allowed silat guru to teach silat in the village.

Discover How Strength Training Can Improve Your Martial Arts Skills Dramatically

Many martial artists are of the same mind that building sufficient muscle mass will dramatically increase the power of their techniques. The downside is that they often worry that by pursuing this they will sacrifice their ability to be flexible, this is a good reason. The muscle mass you build upon your body, the less flexibility the body will have, unless of course you combine proper strength training techniques with flexibility training.

Martial Arts Techniques – Learn How To Know Your Attacker

One of the big issues of many martial arts clubs and schools is that many of them drum into your head that your attacker is going to be some psychotic criminal out to mug you, who jumps out at you from an alleyway. In this scenario it would be easy enough for you to poke your car keys in his face and run away. The truth is that the victim of an attack will usually know the attacker; this is especially true if the victim is a woman.

Learn How To Anticipate Danger With The Help Of Martial Arts

Martial arts are not only a means for keeping fit and human enlightenment, but also a way to defend you in the most extreme situations. By learning how to preempt danger you will be one step ahead of the attacker, sometimes by anticipating danger early on you can avoid any such confrontation altogether. A good tip I always teach my students is to think like a criminal.

Discover The Three Levels Of Self-Defence In Martial Arts

It can be difficult rising to the challenge of someone trying to attack you, but let’s face it that’s why we train as martial artists, in the even that one day someone could unfortunately attack us. If a physical confrontation is so threatening that you cannot walk away from it, them you will have to respond. But there is a difference; someone grabbing your sleeve at the local football match to reprimand you about you eating your corn chips too loudly requires different treatment from someone who drags you down an alleyway when you are walking home from work late…

Martial Arts Techniques – Discover How To Defend Yourself Whilst Sitting Down

In an ideal world if we see an attack coming then we try and get out of the way before it comes near us. Sometimes though this is not always possible, if you are sitting down for example at a bench on eating your lunch or on the subway waiting for a train and then someone comes behind you to strike, how do you counterattack? A common way for someone to attack you from behind is to grab your shirt while you’re seated, so they can then throw you to the ground to take away your possessions…

What Can You Expect When Entering A Martial Arts Competition?

When you have been doing martial arts for some time, there does come a point when you may become interested in competing. It is only human nature to be able to compete against others and come out the victor. But you do need to do your research first; it can vary greatly depending on what martial arts style you are practicing as well.

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