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Benefits of Training in the Art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Perhaps the best thing about training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and martial arts in general, is that it compels a practitioner to utilize both his mental and physical faculties to the fullest degree. You didn’t think that the defensive arts were all about blood, gore and guts did you?

Martial Arts Weapons: A Basic Neutronic Primer

A simple truth which allows people to accurately analyze and use weapons. Very pertinent information, and a different way of looking at things.

The Three P’s of Training in Gracie Jiu Jitsu

The keys to becoming better at Jiu-Jitsu don’t always rest in the in the hands of your instructor or the quality of your training partners, nor does it always come from getting the most up to date techniques used in competition. While those things are important and contribute to the overall development of your skills, what really matters is the commitment you make to the art of jiu-jitsu and your discipline and what I like to refer to as the three P’s of training. What are the three P’s of training?

Predator or Prey? Grappler or Striker?

This article is not intended as a “my art is better than yours,” or “striking is better than grappling,” but a hopefully thought invoking article on combat and self-defence in general. In the natural world, animals and insects grapple in a life and death manner all the time. When a lion tries to kill a zebra for example, it doesn’t try to knock it out, even though they can hit very hard.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Kids

Martial arts importance has not yet faded. Even after a long time, martial arts have thrived and become even more practiced all around the world. Contrary to what others believe, they can be practiced even by young ones and not by adults alone. Karate, especially has become a favorite martial arts discipline by people of all ages.

After School Martial Arts Training For Kids

Children especially those aged seven to ten are prone to curiosity. This particular trait can often bring them accidents. They are so enthralled with new things that they tend to discover them without their parent’s permission. That is why parents most of the time are worried for their children especially when they know that they cannot be always stay by their side. Their worry is actually added with the fact that children are not exempted to crimes. Even schools can be grounds for such crimes as abduction, rape and molestation. Thus, all that a parent can do is to prepare his child with the real world.

Kids Karate Training

There are many ways in which a parent can teach his children certain things which are otherwise not taught at school. Take discipline and self-defense for example. You cannot expect that to be taught in school expect of course if they are part of the curriculum. It may not be too special before but now, these two values are often considered the most important things this days. Without them, your children will not be able to face the realities in life.

Karate Training For Kids

It is only natural for a parent to be overprotective with their kids especially when they are still on the age of five to ten or so. Nowadays, even them are not exempted when it comes to crimes and such. Thus, parents are becoming more and more aware that they need to protect their kids. However, because they realize that they can’t always be by their side, they decided to at least give their children the privilege to learn for themselves the art of defending themselves.

The Importance Of Stretching Exercises For Martial Arts?

When you’re first beginning to train in martial arts, you probably have a lot of questions regarding your training, what you need to do, how you can develop and improve, and much more from there. You have probably already thought about improving your overall fitness, strength and stamina. But what about your flexibility?

Martial Arts Training For Kids

Do you have a hard time taming your kids? Are you tired of keeping them away from some bad influential friends? Are you looking for the best activity for your child to spend with? Well, consider enrolling them in karate trainings and maybe then you can get your solutions.

Kids Martial Arts

Today, it is common for children to have activities outside school. These activities do not only enhance a child’s intelligence but also prepare him or her in the real world. However, as a parent, it is only natural to worry on these types of activities especially when you are not familiar with it. Besides, you will not know if these activities are really fitting for your child or helpful at least.

Taekwondo and the Mysterious Ki-Power

Qi, Chi,Ki -all have the same meaning. Qi is frequently translated as “energy flow”. Qi is often compared to Western notions of energeia or elan vital (vitalism), as well as the yogic notion of prana, meaning vital life or energy, and pranayama, meaning control of breath or energy.

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